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Broome, Western Australia II

Continue along the south side of Cable Beach, where you’ll find  rugged red rocks carving  the Broome peninsula surrounded by crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Gantheaume  Point is a well known tourist attraction in Broome, carefully climbing the rugged coastline to see the full panoramic view over looking Cable Beach. Crystal clear turquoise blue waters, crashing long the rich red rocks.

Broome Bloomers

Broome, Western Australia. Situated in the far north, it’s an exotic pearling town, tropical palm trees, and an oasis of colour –  blues, oranges and warm reds, crystal blue waters, harsh arid red soil, a wonderful place to visit. It’s amazing these beautiful flowers survive these harsh climatic conditions. Adeniums commonly known as ‘desert rose’. One of the most common Euphorbias is known as Crown of Thorns or Euphorbia milii Bougainvillea Have a great day! Yvette…x

Broome, Western Australia

A photo gallery of my  vacation in  Broome, Western Australia. Boab trees Broome is a magical place, high temperatures, beautiful turquoise  beaches surrounded by red desert sands and textured rocks, palm trees, crimson bougainvillea, and white frangipani. And big crocodiles. Have a great day! Yvette…x