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A kind of Beautiful

It’s time to face the music… self portrait It’s been a changing moment…or is it just one point that I’ve arrived at before, started and then found a different direction. Are we ever happy with the now? I’ll do that when…I’m feeling happy, when I’m ten kilo’s lighter, when I meet the right person, when! , when?, when. Let’s just start living the now. I’m at this point again, lift my head high and face the music, however this time I’m writing the music and my own lyrics. Start enjoying every little ‘moment’. Enjoy the company of family, the company of friends, but most importantly know who that person in the mirror really is, the reflective you. With all the extra lines of time, the freckles, the blemishes. My journey with Kim Klassen and Beyond Layers, ( Beyond Layers II registrations now open) has been just that a journey of peeling back so many emotions, so many feelings, grasping for air, a ray of sunshine or a falling tear. Beyond Layers is 52 weeks of …


I’m not going to write bucket lists, wish lists, long lists…I’m going to write one word FOCUS …this is my word for twentytwelve. Every time I do something, that inner voice within is going to remind me of my word..focus..on the creative side, on the things I love to do, write and say. However many times things may seem blurred in my mind, with my eye’s I can focus, breath and grow. Moving into a new year, I’m back into the swing of Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. This weeks theme is ‘nice and easy’, that’s the way we gently ease ourselves into linking each week at the cafe …what will be a year of creativity, new beginnings and lots of learning for me with my photography. Linking to the cafe here Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x