A Trail of Inspiration

Take a Little Time

Enchanted Pink

Brush Strokes

Springtimes Laughter

Lucky Afternoon Tea


The Se7en Link Challenge

Textures and  the ever Changing Mode

I’m Free to fly

Black Beauty

Pink Inspirational thoughts

Its the Power of Pink

Your Ticket to Wonderland

Kaleidoscope Colours

Romantic Charms

Gingered Black

Meet Bella & Flavia

Coming up Old Country Roses

The Balance of Life

Cucchiaino Bella Rosa

You First – Country Australia

Easter Tags

Easter: Egg-static

Easter: Salted Egg Tutorial

Bays of Fire – Bingalong Bay


Principles of Motherhood

Stop and Listen to the Music

Express it

Just enough

The Garden Lilies

The Year that was, what it was

Cool or Warm

Joyful Shopping

See the Smiles

Speaking Angels

Inspired Roses

A Colourful Week

Christmas Decor

Advent Cheer

12 Days of Textures

Twas the Write before Christmas #1 – Lanterns

Twas the Write before Christmas #2 – Melody

Twas the Write before Christmas #3 – Hallelujah

Twas the Write before Christmas #4 – Christmas Tree

Twas the Write before Christmas #7 – Silence

I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Christmas Message

Lost amid the Snow

Inspirational Lesson 1

A Circle of Friends

One day at a time

In Gratitude

Our first Snow

Natures Splendor

A Touch of Spook

A Magical Place

Shadows on my Doorstep

Turning Grape Juice into Wine

The Start of Autumn

Welcome Autumn

Harvesting Grapes

Raindrops on Roses

In My Garden

Sunny Sunday

Sharing Love & Laughter

Mosaic: Relaxation

Mosaic: SeaShells

Summer Tutorial

Ocean Table Bliss

Ocean Blue Melody

A Summer Garden



Texture Tuesday Challenge with Kim Klassen

TT The Dream-it eDition

TT The Look Down eDition

TT The not necessarily textured eDition

TT Free & Easy eDition

TT The outside eDition

TT Texture X’s 2 eDition

TT Natural eDition

TT Flowers

TT Cuppa Cuppa Love Week

TT The Quote eDition

TT Warm eDition

TT Light eDition

TT Let’s get Creative

TT Free & Easy eDition

TT Black and White eDition

TT The Happy Heart eDition

TT White eDition

TT Mulberry Joy – Felicity eDition

TT The Simplicity eDition

TT Open eDition

TT Embrace eDition

TT Focus

TT Let’s Celebrate

TT The Gratitude eDition

TT Free & Easy eDition

TT Phobe eDition

TT And then Some eDition

TT Red eDition

TT Gratitude eDition

TTSpring Blossom ‘Crackerjack’ eDition

TT The Love eDition

TT Anything Goes eDition

TT The Do eDition

TT The Orange eDition

TT The Back to School eDition

TT La Dolce Vita

TT Camellia Rose

TT Icy Pink

TT Three eDition

TT Shine

TT White Orchid

TT Breathe

TT Vintage

TT Light





Springtime Laughter

JoyofLove #2

Joyog Love #1

A Summer Garden

Ocean Blue Melody

Todays garden visitor

Sun kissed yellow


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