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Texture Tuesday – Shine

I know on taking this original photo, it was a special moment, unscheduled, unannounced, just captured at the right time, with all natural light, just at low level sunset. Today’s challenge: the Golden eDition, using the fabulous texture ‘golden’ from Kim Klassen, and then tweaking your photo with as much addition or subtraction you desire.   My recipe for this photo: Kim Klassens ‘golden’ texture + Kim Klassens ‘notooshabby’ texture + film grain 50% + saturated tint 40% + adjustments on light+ highlights + shadows. I love the paper crisp texture of the foliage and  how they almost look transparent and the golden corn kernels. If you’d like to see other inspirational photo’s link up to Kim Klassens Texture Tuesday Have a great week, friends Yvette…x