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Baci di fichi *figs dipped in chocolate and hazelnuts

What’s more appealing than a little chocolate and a love message. All over the world Baci chocolates are given as tokens of love. A whole hazelnut covered with granules of hazelnut and dark chocolate with a magical message of affection. My childhood memories are vivid of these “special” chocolates, everyone opening these petite chocolates and one by one reading the message…nothings really changed in my adult years. I came across this recipe and just couldn’t resist the indulgence! Figs dipped in chocolate and hazelnuts. Divine!      

Bruschetta: Figs and Burrata

Ok, so today we’re not counting calories. Burrata is a soft Italian fresh cheese. A mozzarella, white with a  shiny coating outside and a mouthwatering creamy centre. Rich and high in protein it’s made from buffalo milk. It’s hand made like normal mozzarella, except in the centre it’s filled with strips of mozzarella combined with fresh cream. Did I mention we’re not counting calories today.! An indication of the freshness of burrata is from the Asphodel leaves that are wrapped around the cheese preserving it’s pear – like shape.The leaves and the cheese have the same freshness time limit of 3 – 4 days, so if the leaves are dry it’s a good indication that the cheese has passed it’s prime. I however have the opportunity of buying it from our local gourmet cheese shop, where now they wrap it in a paper,with compulsory date limits to it’s freshness. Burrata can be eaten fresh on it’s own with fresh bread or made into a salad, or served with grilled seasonal vegetables. I had a copy of this recipe …