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TT – Phoebe eDition

It’s been an inspiring week with Kim Klassen, who over the last few weeks has been talking about her wonderful inspirational week away with the group ‘shutter sisters’. Her sisterhood bonds and her dreams. We all have dreams, I know I have many and I’m finally finding the path, the strength from within to share those dreams… Today’s photo was taken by my niece when she visited Floriade Australia’s Spring festival. Just beautiful coloured tulips, and the curly petals I love…I called it ‘Dancing Tulips’. A photographer in the making…the texture ‘phobe’ was also inspired by one of Kim’s friends daughters…only fitting to join the two. Joining in TT over at the cafe of Kim Klassen  Have a great day everyone Yvette…x

Pink Inspirational Thoughts

The first eight days of October are a rush of memories, dreams and thoughts for me. For everyday from the first to the eighth someone I know celebrates a birthday. I have to admit I’ve fallen into the jaws of modern technology, and in the rush opted to send electronic messages by phone and social networking sites, but with inspirational comments this week and visual boards that I created today, I’ve been inspired to make my own cards, write in them, create a little something special  in each and send them to everyone of my friends and family. Written, signed, sealed and delivered!   We all know that giving or sending greeting cards is a simple and effective way of staying in touch, adding a truly personal touch and reaching out to those we care about, but where did the greeting card come from? The first civilization to employ the use of greeting cards was the ancient Chinese, who used them for the purpose of conveying New Year’s wishes. The earliest paper greeting card in …