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Soup Kitchen: Corn & Chicken

Here’s one of those quick light lunches, for you. One that is going to warm you up. Cuddle you… and we all need cuddling! A very tasty Corn & Chicken Soup. Not a soup that I’ve made before, but was teased to try the flavours. I’ve always seen  it on menu’s but have never tried it. It’s funny how the cooler days, we reach for boiling water, stock cubes and vegetables to satisfy our taste buds. Read on for the recipe…

Tea for me and Tea for you….Tea for Two

Make a cup of tea and stay with me for a few minutes, relax and enjoy. Sometimes a cup of tea, just does the trick. A soothing cup of tea relaxing with a book, or these days in front of the computer,with fellow blogging friends.Or finishing off an evening combined with five minutes of solitude. A winter warmer, a summer iced treat. A fragrant favorite of mine is “Tisana Meditazione” – Meditation Tea. It’s a combination of mint, cinnamon, sunflower petals, rose petals,chamomile and lavender. The fragrance of lavender is known to relax and soothe the mind and body. Lavender  tea is known to ease insomnia, help calm nervousness and anxiety. Alleviate colds ,coughs,bronchitis and similar respiratory problems. Fatigue and headaches. Funny enough two of my favourite teas both have lavender in them. Meditation Tea is very fragrant, sweet and soothing if you can find this combination I recommend trying it. Another favourite is “Tisana Dolce Sonno” meaning Sweet Dreams or Sleep, so I guess the title says it all. It’s ingredients are passionfruit leaves, …

Purple Butterfly

      Butterfly Lavender …  Growing in terracotta pots on my terrace and in the garden with full sun the Butterfly Lavender flowers all Summer. Lavender not only decorative, leaves its pleasant perfume throughout the home. I often place it in the bathroom simply on a decorative plate or in a glass jar without the lid.  Easily entwined with rosemary for a summer garland, giving freshness and perfume to any Summer dinner table or individual place settings.   Dried of freshly picked with  rose petals leaves a touch of romanticism throughout the home.