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The floating city…Venice

St Mark's Basilica


Venice is a wonderful and magical place to visit…a quick 20 minutes in train from where I live..I have the opportunity to visit often.     

 It’s the start of the  busy tourist season at the moment..although i don’t think Venice is ever quiet, never the less, Sunday’s visit with friends was most enjoyable.For a first time visitor, it’s just the expression on their face, after capturing the first glance, (walking out of the train station),the smile on their face that let’s me know it’s all and more than they imagined. Spectacular views of architecture,galleries and artisan showrooms,gondola’s and the taste of local wines and food,Venice with capture your heart.      

St. Marks Basilica

Ponte Rialto

Wandering through the many little alleyways..of course it’s not Venice if you don’t lose your way! Over small canals and bridges there’s always something new to discover.  

 An out-of-the-way restaurant serving the local fresh cuisine and wine,or finding an angle where a local artist sells his paintings. However  the question that came to mind on Sunday was.. can you really tell, who the person living there is by the washing on the line?      

Washing Day

Looking up…private is not private living in Venice. Wanting to capture a few rays of  sunshine is everyone’s washing plain for the world to see.Inquisitive eye’s just wanting a glimpse of who lives inside these apartments..or what do these apartments look like….linen transparent curtains with a glow of a lamp inside…tell’s me that someone’s home. It’s clear that the apartments on the top floors are hard to find vacant…as who want’s to come home with floating cushions and rugs or your cat hanging from the chandelier with high tides. 

arriving in gondola

venice waters

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