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Treviso…villa’s and gardens

As I wander along the walkway outside the walls of Treviso, the beauty and serenity can hardly be captured in a click of a camera. To take in this beauty I wish you could share an hour with me, walking along the shady pathway with its huge horse-chestnut trees, its calming meandering river, and its beautiful scenery.   

shaded walkways


Just outside the wall, through the gateway of Porta Calvi, but within the circular boundary of the centre of Treviso there are many beautiful villa’s and gardens.   

villa - Treviso

All with their unique architecture and facades…and gardens that are at the water’s edge.   

villa - Treviso

villa - Treviso

A private but public hide away. I love the entrances to these villa’s with grand iron gateways, entangled with ivy and emblems. Statues , columns and frescoed art , symbols of  grandeur. 

entrance to a villa

entrance to a villa

Their pristine gardens and blooming spring flowers, an open” welcome”  invitation.   

open gardens

entrance garden to villa

villa - Treviso

Treviso is truly a beautiful place and is harmonious in saying “la bella vita” –  the beautiful life. I truly am lucky to live in a beautiful and safe place.


  1. I envy you….it truly is a beautiful place…in one of THE most wonderful places in the world. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m really happy to have found yours. Being an aussie in Italy quite a while ago, Italy stills holds a very special place in my heart.
    Lovely photos of the villas and gardens. Makes me yearn for a stand up espresso, something from a pasticceria and a wander round roads that have more history in them then I could ever imagine.
    Breathe it in deep for me.

    • An extra breath and a pinch, just to remember I’m living here…a whole new experience and an open culinary delight…your next espresso’s on me!!!

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