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Walk on my Clouds

Silvano and myself had the opportunity to take a Sunday drive this morning. Heading for Susegana,Province Treviso, Region Veneto, Italy’s well-known region for its wine – Prosecco. Prosecco is a white grape and makes a sparkling wine. This picturesque drive takes us through a region of winding roads with a canopy of shady trees and hillsides overflowing with vineyards. Characteristic of the film,( which always leaves that romantic feeling at heart) A Walk in the Clouds.   



This drive is just breath-taking, stopping nearly every five minutes to take photo’s, we continue along a tourist trail, actually called ” Prosecco Road”. It’s also a well-known tourist attraction for cyclists, trail bikes and trekkers.   



Travelling along this road we arrive at the ruins of one of Susegana’s castles, The Castle of Collalto. Most of the castle was destroyed during the great war (1915 – 1918), and today there’s little left of its walls. What ruins there are remain covered by overgrown greenery and forest. Two guard towers remain today with the entrance arches.   

entrance gateway -castle of Collalto

entrance gateway- castle of Collalto

The church of Saint George was reconstructed in the 1930’s after it’s destruction in the great war, later used as a Franciscan monastery. The church was then renovated again in 2000 and construction work was only finished last year 2009.  

church - St. George Collalto

church St George Collalto

As you see we were in the ruins around twelve midday, to the sounds of the ringing of the bell tower. 

bell tower

bell tower

Obviously we stopped at the Two Towers * Due Torri bar and restaurant for a glass of Prosecco. 

bar and restaurant


And before heading home pass by a personal “special” place for us amongst these vineyards the restaurant where we first met. 

meeting place Susegana

So yes, this is a magical place for us. 

 A region where with hard work, innovation and respect to tradition some of the finest Prosecco known throughout the world is produced in this area.

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  1. I have been to Rome before but have not seen the countryside of Italy before. It looks stunning and is on my bucketlist!! Have to try Prosecco too:) You write so beautifully about where you live…can’t wait to see what’s next! Luv oxo

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