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Il Contadino

The Farmer. This week in our wheel of agricultural life, harvesting canola started. It’s a whirlwind when harvesting crops, our courtyard is a swirl of green machine harvesters, tractors and trailers. Early starts, packed lunches,bottles of fresh water, ice bricks and an energy supply of cereal bars and chocolate.

Canola is our first crop ready for the season. The fields of vibrant yellow earlier in the year when the crop’s in flower is just breathtaking.misto 13 018

A little close up…

misto 13 001

The “farm boys” are grown men with little toys when it comes to the heavy machinery, they look after them, clean and maintain them, and take real pride in them when they’re on the road.Security is the number one factor. The harvester is so big for the small winding roads here,that anyone on the road has to stop to let them pass. Yes, this is rural Italy. The harvester has it’s own permit and escort to transfer around on the road.

garden leaves 090

The end result at this stage are very fine,tiny granules,canola seeds.

misto14 008

misto14 005

This harvest of canola goes to the suppliers for the production of canola oil.

So as that wheel keeps turning, another day in the life of “il contadino”.


  1. It reminds me of the days back in South Africa…the most beautiful sight to see …ever! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. lifeinarecipe says

    Thanks for sharing! I never realized that they grew Canola in Italy too…another lesson learned!

  3. Buttercup:Cindy:Cityhippyfarmgirl:
    Thank you for dropping by, Canola is just beautiful when in flower, a yellow carpet.We also have wheat,which we’re harvesting also now,and our final crop later in the year is corn.xxx

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