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She sells seashells, by the seashore…

My dreams of a blue and white country style kitchen are still playing in my mind…until that one comes true! Not fun ripping out the entire kitchen to start again! I’ll play around the theme of blue and white, where I can add accessories and have fun with table settings, bathroom accessories, shells, sand, lighted candles and creative starfish giving a Summer ocean blue hue to my home.My Summer ocean blue table setting can be found in detail here


Accessorizing in the bathroom, is made easy by changing coloured hand embroidered  ocean motif hand towels and shower towels, add some shells and scented perfume bottles giving freshness to the room.

misto17 010 

misto17 003

The talents of creative hands, just couldn’t resist him!

misto17 002


Inclusion in any ocean theme, of course is fresh seafood. For the summer months the availability and variety of fresh fish and crustaceans is at it’s best. Passing the fish market today, I purchased some fresh prawns.Too hot,weather wise today for anything else.I thought I would make a fresh prawn salad.


Recipe: Strawberry and Prawn Salad

Serves 4

100 grams fresh prawns (cooked,peeled and de-veined) keep 4 aside for garnishing

1/2 avocado (diced)

1 punnet strawberries (cut into halves)

Rocket or mixed salad leaves



Wash and cut strawberries in half, cut avocado into small pieces,add to a mixing bowl.Wash and drain the rocket or mixed salad leaves, add with the cooked prawns to bowl. Mix. Prepare dressing.


zest and juice of 1 lemon

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

6 walnut kernels (roughly chopped)

salt and pepper freshly grounded

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.



Place individual servings of salad on plates or as I’ve done in glasses. Add the dressing and serve garnished with a whole prawn.

A summer delight. Enjoy!



  1. I just love the walnuts in the dressing..never tried it like that before…it’s early Sunday morning here and how I wish it was summer!! And those hands are so very creative!! Have a lovely weekend my friend. (Your pictures are amazing)~ Hugs x

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