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Nocino – The Final Product

nocino 010

The final stage of making nocino happened on August 3rd, just before setting off on my vacation. Although when bottled this product still needs to rest and by November 3rd we can try our new walnut liqueur.

The first stages of making and the recipe can be found here.

All the magic started on the feast of John the Baptist, the eve of the 23rd June. After leaving the walnuts in alcohol during the warm Summer days and bringing the product in at night, by August the 3rd the product looks like this…

nocino 016

A fairly black liquid…Strain the walnut mixture through cheesecloth

nocino 018

The walnuts can be disposed of…one thing I wouldn’t recommend disposing the walnuts on your compost, you’re better off digging a hole in the ground.Learn for experience!

nocino 021

Dissolve 800 grams of sugar in 400 ml water,bring to boil and let cool.

Combine the sugar syrup and the drained walnut mixture together and leave in sealed jars or sterilized bottles in a cool / dark place.

nocino 023

The first mouthful can be tried after the 3rd November. Ready for our Winter nights.


nocino 014


  1. I have never tried this, looks yummy…interesting about not using the walnuts with the compost…what is the reason? Thanks for this and am sure you can’t wait for November? Love you girlfriend xx

  2. lifeinarecipe says

    I was so excited to see this post. I have just strained my batch of Nocino and added the sugar syrup…it is now resting in my dark cupboard. I must say I had my doubts as I watched it everyday, growing blacker and blacker. Your post reassured me that I was on the right track. The aroma was quite pleasant upon opening the jar to strain it.
    Thanks again so much for introducing us to Nocino! 😉

  3. Can this be done with other nuts, such as hazelnuts? Or is it specifically suited to walnuts? It sounds delicious.

    • Nocino is made with soft immature walnuts resulting in a particular pleasant liqueur…and is combined with the particilar magical night of St.John the Baptist…I know of a recipe using hazelnuts, same sort of process but using vodka…more like the distinguished Frangelico….Nocino is delicious to warm up on any Winter’s night…Thanks for calling by…Yvette

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