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The start of Autumn

pumpkins 008 The simple appeal of this design results from it’s use of  different textures of foliage and coloured berries with the addition of ornamental pumpkins.The first for the changing season.

How I don’t want Summer to end!

A surprise package was left at my doorstep from my brother in law. One of natures own hints that we ‘re heading towards Autumn.Left was a bag filled with ornamental pumpkins in varying green colours and textures .What better way to jazz up the entrance door with an outside bouquet of the glorious colours from the garden.

pumpkins 003 

I love the textures of their skins and the dappled colours.

pumpkins 005

This was the base of the bouquet, using a  half rectangle of florist oasis,water sponge. And then I filled it with the available foliage, berries and flowers from the garden.

pumpkins 006

pumpkins 013

pumpkins 014

Remember to look at the foliage in your garden, each leaf is unique in it’s colour, design and texture and can make just as much a statement as a flower.

pumpkins 007

Take a look at other inspirational Autumn work from Diane over at her blog Spoon and Chair, after attending a Fall Wreath Workshop at Helen Olivia. Beautiful door wreaths and some other great links.

Have a great day my friends…



  1. Yvette, thanks for the link. Your arrangement looks fantastic, I love the wire container, a perfect match for the pumpkins, berries and leaves. I’m actually excited for fall! Time for cooler weather and some cozy evenings inside.

    • How true…I love those cosy evenings in front of the fire, burning candles and a glass of merlot…we’re such romantics!!

  2. Loved this Yvette, you have such creativity!!…and love the comment about the fire, candles and merlot!!! Hmmm..much love to you.

  3. lifeinarecipe says

    I always love your projects! To me they are charming and have a romance to them. You have a wonderful artistic way…thanks for sharing!

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