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Food of the Gods

Easter is not far away, and it’s the sweetest time to indulge in some chocolate.Without the guilt factor – right! It’s also a time when I need to get cracking and hatch a few whimsically dressed eggs for festive Easter. We’ve only just said goodbye to Santa and his sleigh and it’s hello, Easter bunny.

So it’s time to cook with chocolate. There are so many wonderful recipes that I’ve tried over the years and over the next couple of weeks will try and put together some of my favourites.

This weeks recipe doesn’t call for chocolate, but cocoa powder, it’s a new recipe given to me from a friend, a chocolate taste with cocoa powder and maltesers.

malteser slice 004 malteser slice 004

Maltesers consist of a roughly spherical malt honeycomb centre, surrounded by milk chocolate, and they give this slice a delicate ‘crunch’.


Malteser Fudge Slice

1 cup Self-Raising Flour

3/4 cup cocoa powder

120g Maltesers

2 eggs, lightly beaten

3/4 cup sugar

2 tablespoons  vegetable oil

2 x 200g tubs light vanilla Fruche

*Frùche is a soft, spoon hugging traditional European style fromage frais. The creamy texture and delicious real fruit and dessert flavours are what make frùche such a unique taste sensation. It’s a perfect healthy treat that despite it’s soft, spoon hugging texture is 98% fat free. As a substitute use a vanilla flavoured thick yogurt or light cream cheese.

1 tablespoon icing sugar

Preheat oven to 180°C. Coat a lamington tin with cooking spray.

Sift the flour and coca powder into a large bowl. Stir in the Maltesers. Combine the eggs, sugar, oil, and Fruche and fold into the flour mixture. Spread into the prepared tin and bake for approx. 30 minutes or until firm to touch. Cool in the tin. Cut into pieces and dust with icing sugar.

malteser slice 004

malteser slice 004

A touch of simplicity…




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  1. what are “tubs light vanilla Fruche”? I have lived in England and the USA and have never heard of this. I LOVE Maltesers!

    • Hi Priscilla, Frùche is a soft hugging traditional European style fromage frais. The creamy texture and delicious real fruit (I used vanilla bean)are what make frùche such a unique taste sensation. It’s a perfect healthy treat that despite it’s soft, spoon hugging texture is 98% fat free. If you can’t find this a great substitute would be a thick vanilla yogurt and add vanilla extract flavouring. x

  2. Thanks, Yvette, for visiting my blog, and for clearing up the mystery of Frùche!
    My daughter, who lived 5 years in Switzerland, said she wasn’t familiar with this Frùche produce, either. She said it might not have been called by this name. It sounds like what is called Greek Yogurt in the US. I make my own by just draining good quality plain, unflavored yogurt through cheese cloth until it is the thickness I want. Sometimes I drain it until I can mold it into firm cheese balls. I place them in olive oil flavored with herbs.

  3. These delightful bars would go well with my cup of coffee. Thank you for sharing the recipe for your chocolate delicacy. Blessings to you…

  4. I found my way here via that maltesaholic Tillybud, and am so glad I came! I hope you don’t mind but I’ve copied your recipe to try – if I can overcome my no- malteser-buying-masochism.

    As a lifelong baker, I have never heard of a lamington tin nor even “cooking spray” which I presume is equivalent to brushing with oil? Or can I use baking parchment in an ordinary tin, if so, what size?

    I bet you wish you’d never started this!

    • Hi Viv, Lovely to have you call by…and I love question and answer time. I always have time to answer, as how else can we enjoy global culinary delights.
      A Laminton is a sponge cake, cut into squares, coated in a layer of chocolate icing and then covered in desiccated coconut..all Australian my friend. Usually cut in half and served with strawberry jam and cream. The ‘Lamington tin’ is used for the correct height and form of this sponge, measuring 28 x 20 cm (11 x 8 inches) My tin measured 12 x 9.5 inches x 5cm (1.5 inches). ‘Cooking Spray’ is pressurized aerosol oil,so yes equivalent to brushing with oil. Cooking spray isn’t found on the European shelves.And then I also used parchment oven paper.I’d be happy to answer anyomre questions. Hope you do try this delicious Malteser slice…happy cooking! Yvette x

      • Thank you for the information about the tin and the supplementary recipe – another one to try,

  5. Yvette you are soooo speaking my language. You know anything chocolate I am there. And this plate looks delectable, delicious, and yummy. I love it. Wonderful post girl 🙂

  6. That looks amazing!! I’m sure those ingredients may be in Minneapolis, but no closer than that to me. Beautiful photos! Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. Hope to see you again. 🙂

  7. crustabakes says

    HEllo easter indeed!! these look so wonderful. I love maltesers and i love chocolate. THese are definitely my kinda thing!

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