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Enchanted Pink



Welcome to an afternoon of enchantment. Of Enchanted Pink.

Of Victorian doll houses and stories, crystals,butterflies and cupids.Marshmallow flower cupcakes, lace and teasets.  Welcome to Pink Saturday, where we share things Pink. I truly have something wonderfully pink to share with you today.

A beautiful illustrated book by Robyn Johnson…

The Enchanted Dolls’ House series is set to become a classic. Each book is lavishly produced with great attention to detail. Each features exquisite authentic historical pop-ups, lift-the-flaps and a variety of textures and finishes including embossing, foil and fabrics. There are three books in this series, I’m capturing the story of one today – ‘The Enchanted Dolls House’



The Enchantment begins…

You’re introduced to ten little toys who lead you on an adventure through four very old doll houses. Starting with an Medieval adventure ,through to the stylish ‘the beautiful era’ La Belle époque.However my favourite the late Victorian secrets and romances.



Excerpt from Victorian Secrets… The Enchanted Doll’s House

…A ‘vanity set’ that the Victorian dolls kept in the bedrooms. The fairies supplied the dolls with rosewater to wash themselves with. In those days, people used to fill a basin with hot water from a huge jug to freshen themselves up in the morning. Not many people had running water in the upstairs rooms…

…She was the fairy of light. At midnight she would flit into the doll’s house and magically give all the lights a soft warm glow that lasted till dawn…


…The Victorian dolls admired the long silky tresses of the fairies, and they loved to brush their hair with miniature silver hairbrushes…

…Some of the fairies’ favourite treats were rose geranium sugar-drops.lemon candies and rose petal jellies – and they particularly liked tiny frosted cupcakes…

At each cut out dolls house there are  windows that you peer into and see the beautiful, and intricate details of the illustrations by Robyn Johnston. A beautiful, magical tour, and lingering enchanting memories.


…Sometimes, early in the morning, the Victorian children were surprised to see butterflies leaving their nursery through an open window. But were they really butterflies?…


On display today are my pretty lace centre’s, I bought last weekend for $2.00 (Aus), aren’t they such treasures. Spring pansies from the garden. Royal Alberts ‘Lady Carlyle’ teacup set and marshmallow petal flower cupcakes I made yesterday, can be found here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my enchanting pink, linking to Pink Saturday



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Have a wonderful week, and thank you for all your visits  and  lovely comments.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I would LOVE to have a book myself! I think I could lose myself in it for hours!! LOVELY!
    Where they can be purchased?
    Thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. What lovely photos, Yvette,,,so pink and pretty. Love the china, cupcake, pansies, and all…I’m crocheting some pretty ‘lacies’ so I can appreciate yours.

    Enjoy the day,

  3. I LOVE the pinks and I love those cupcakes in the shade pink as well. I think this idea would go great for a wonderful tea party or a high society themed wedding shower. I love it

  4. Hi Yvette! What a wonderful book; I will have to put that on my Wish List for a fun splurge sometime! Your cupcakes on the last two posts are absolutely gorgeous. Bess

  5. Oh a wonderful book, beautiful teacups & delicious chrysanthemum flower cupcakes! You know I’m enchanted by anything fairy related 🙂 Love your sweet pansy faces smiling up at me…I’m wishing we still had some around, but it won’t be too long before they’ll be available in the nurseries for late fall planting!

  6. Hi Yvette,
    The book sounds magical and a fun read. I have always loved dolls and fairies. Guess there’s still a little girl within me. Your flower petal cupcakes are darling. I love the Lady Carlisle teacups too. They are such a gorgeous pattern. I don’t own one myself but if I ever see one, it’s coming home with me! Thank you for sharing your magical post with Tea Time Tuesday and I hope you have a delightful week.


  7. What a sweet book! I would love to read it.
    Your tea cups are beautiful. I have them too! So you know I truly do love them. The cup cake looks so delicious and pretty as well.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  8. What a pretty feast for the eyes!
    Hi Yvette, thank you for linking to LACE this week.
    Your cups are gorgeous!
    The cup-cakes are fabulous too 🙂
    And the book is utterly delightful.
    Everything is so femminine and lovely!

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