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Strawberries my love…

Seasonal flavours from the earth….

strawberries 002

The sweet temptation of fresh strawberries. Nothing fancy involved, just pineapple jelly, blueberries and strawberries, vanilla ice cream sprinkled with white chocolate and coconut mixed topping.

strawberries 017

Served in parfait glasses. Mix 250ml of boiling water with the jelly, pour into serving glasses, insert fresh chopped strawberries and blueberries and leave to set overnight. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream sprinkled with melted white chocolate buds and shredded coconut. Sweet temptations!

strawberries 027

strawberries 029

strawberries 018

Did you know??

Strawberries are the only fruit
with their seeds on the outside!

strawberries 030

A strawberry treat.




    • I got in just before the rains again today, to pick a couple of strawberry flowers for the photo shot. All store bought for now.! Thanks for calling by!

  1. That sounds and looks scrumptious! I love strawberries, and I didn’t know that about the seeds.

    The photos are mouth watering – a perfect dessert.



    • Marianne, easy entertaining at this point! An afternoon dessert for the little ones. Have a great evening!

    • There’s something about the colour and succulent presence of strawberiies, you’re right they do say Summer. x

  2. Did you just show ice cream to me in the middle of the day? You’re gonna make me leave work to get some strawberries and ice cream Lol. Love this

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