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A golden egg

egg facita 014

My Easter parade has been full of chocolate eggs, chocolate and ooooh some more chocolate, so I thought I might take a break and do a couple (maybe one, as it’s Wednesday)  recipes away from the chocolate.

egg facita 002

I’m always on the look out of mix and matching some of my favourites together, or maybe and ‘old’ fashioned recipe given a little bit of a face lift and ‘new life’ on the plate.

egg facita 003

Here it is, the humble boiled egg.

Side by side with one of my favourite salads..

egg facita 011 Read on to see the recipe…

egg facita 013 My favourite salad..Russian Salad, simple as simple.

Recipe: Eggs Stuffed with Russian Salad – Serving 4

4 hard boiled eggs

1/2 bunch chives chopped finely

extra 8 chives uncut for garnish

4 potatoes boiled,cooled and diced

2 carrots boiled, cooled and diced

4 tablespoons of frozen peas, cooked, cooled

4 –6 baby cornichons/cucumbers under vinegar diced

salt and pepper

6 tablespoons of mayonnaise

egg facita 008  Boil the eggs until hard boiled and leave to cool in pot. Remove egg shell.

I prepared my boiled vegetables: potato,carrot and peas the night before. Dice all so that the size is uniform. Cut up the baby cucumbers and place in bowl. Add the mayonnaise, salt, pepper and leave to rest in fridge for about 10 minutes.

On serving plate, using a cookie cutter ring to help with making a perfect circle, place the Russian salad, then a sprinkled layer of chopped chives. Then use two long strands of chives and make a cross, dollop a bit of mayonnaise in centre.

Cut the boiled egg in half, scoop out the yolk, fill the egg with mixture and place on serving plate, cross over long chives and trim.

egg facita 011

A wonderful starter to your Easter luncheon or dinner eggstravaganza!



  1. This looks absolutely wonderful, Yvette! I’ve never heard of a Russian Salad before but I like everything about it. And you’re right. It is the perfect starter for an Easter brunch. I can hear the guests’ “Ahhhs!” already. 🙂

    • Insalata Russa….it’s eaten alot in Italy,(there’s abit of confusion of what region it originated: Genovese, Piemontese, Campania (Southern Italy)- usually with added ingredients like capers and tuna. My girlfriend made it all the time,we’d sit around with a bowl full of salad, crusty bread and white wine and chatter. It’s prepared as a side dish or antipasto. And once you start it’s hard to finish!

  2. Hi Yvette, I love your Easter centerpiece and the egg salad looks beautiful and delicious too. Happy Easter!

  3. Okay, I have to say it…..I was thinking that I would love to see your photos in a magazine, but now I’m thinking you should have your own magazine called Twisted Vines. I mean seriously!! are just too talented!!! Maybe even e-magazine – I’ve thought of it, but I’m not really talented in that area..You are!!! No, I can see these gorgeous photos, and scrumptious recipes in a hard copy magazine.

    Okay, I said it….col…now I have to rush off to work…Ahhh, I’m always rushing lately.
    Marianne xo

    • Marianne, I hope you find time to relax over the Easter break. One of my dreams, Marianne is to one day see my photo’s in a book… one day! LOL! x

  4. Beautiful photos, wonderful recipe! I think I might have had russian salad in Prague a few years ago. Now I’m going to make it myself, :). Thank you for following my blog, yours is truly inspirational!

    • Hi Marianne, Oh I believe, yes you well may have eaten it in Prague. Russian salad is eaten alot through the Eastern European bloc,originating from Russia, where it was called Olivier Salad. Some wonderful facts;
      The recipe a secret, but the flavour was all in the dressing, as the vegetables were boiled( not alot of flavour) each region adding their own style and added ingredient:even chopped ham, mustard, or tuna. I even opted to save time and use a good quality bought egg mayonnaise. Our Italian style is added capers and tuna, and sometimes even anchovies. I love the added chopped flavour of chives! Thnak you for calling by, have a safe and happy Easter.

    • Hi Rachèl and welcome to the blog world and my corner Twistedvines. Blogshere is a wonderful place to enjoy and explore, and I wish you well at your new place of creativity and inspiration! x

  5. Your Russian salad is stunning Yvette. I am so glad I stopped by to see your Easter Parade. Thank you for stopping by mine as well. Please have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your family and friends. I know your table will be beautiful judging from your blog and all the wonderful tablescapes I have seen here.

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