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tt – The Quote eDition


Kim Klassens weekly challenge : “Share an image with one of your favorite quotes included and as always… any one of my textures”.

I’m a quote girl, as some of you may already know…so it was a matter of opening a book at any page and that was my decision made on which one to share with you today. Sharing also some original artwork, flying with free spirit!

Linking to Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen.



  1. Oooo, your artwork is lovely, Yvette!!! It works very well with the photo. What a great idea to blend the two.

    I hope your days are blessed beyond your imagination. Keep speaking a blessing over every part of your life, my dear.

    Marianne xox

  2. This is really beautiful, Yvette. Yes, you are a “quote girl” and your choice for today is a very good one.

  3. This is really pretty. I especially like the contrast and repetition of the small b&w print against the much softer pink of the flowers. Well done–a transformation indeed.

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