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Texture Tuesday: Texture x’s 2 eDition



Taking a walk, enjoying the outside, and looking,seeing and watching all around.

original photo twistedvines + kkhappyheart + kkorganic + adjustments of hue and saturation.

july2012 026


july2012 027


july2012 035

july2012 034

This is an Australian Native Eucalypt Gum Tree: Swamp Bloodwood, E.ptychocarpa F.Muell

It’s blossom are a beautiful crimson pink with lemon tipped fronds, one of natures Wintertime pleasures as walking in the crisp air.

Linking to Kim Klassens, Texture Tuesday

Have a great day, everyone.



  1. What a great edition of Texture Tuesday, Yvette! You did a wonderful job on the opening photo and the gum tree blossoms are quite beautiful. How lucky to live in a climate where a tree blooms in Winter.

  2. I like the windmill shot. The feathery, pink flowers of the gum tree are beautiful.

    • Composition wise it was a lot of fun, I looked up and saw the blossom at the windmills edge, and had in my mind how the photo should look! Yx

  3. Lovely, Yvette! The composition really is wonderful. Oh, how I love the crisp air…enjoy some for me, too.

    Blessings for more beautiful photographs,
    Marianne xox

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