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Broome, Western Australia II

Continue along the south side of Cable Beach, where you’ll find  rugged red rocks carving  the Broome peninsula surrounded by crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Gantheaume  Point is a well known tourist attraction in Broome, carefully climbing the rugged coastline to see the full panoramic view over looking Cable Beach. Crystal clear turquoise blue waters, crashing long the rich red rocks.

Broome Bloomers

Broome, Western Australia. Situated in the far north, it’s an exotic pearling town, tropical palm trees, and an oasis of colour –  blues, oranges and warm reds, crystal blue waters, harsh arid red soil, a wonderful place to visit. It’s amazing these beautiful flowers survive these harsh climatic conditions. Adeniums commonly known as ‘desert rose’. One of the most common Euphorbias is known as Crown of Thorns or Euphorbia milii Bougainvillea Have a great day! Yvette…x

Kaleidoscope Colours

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. – Oscar Wilde   Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso The color of the object illuminated partakes of the color of that which illuminates it. – Leonardo di Vinci The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. – John Ruskin Wishing you a colourful Friday….Yvette x

A Circle of friends

  Sometimes life gets so busy, we change, things change us. Sometimes directions in life are easy, sometimes a little harder. We all set ourselves goals, day by day, week by week…month by month…and even next year. Every week I set myself some weekly goals to visit my circle of friends. Those whose blogs I adore to look at, read, comment and get inspired from. Our circles of friends are all different. We all have different passions. Those who write poems, who create in their kitchens, who paint, who make tea, who capture things through the lens…and you my friend, are part of my circle, and how lonely my life would be without you. Today, I wanted to share with you, a reflective corner of blue and white. The changing blue skies and those soft romantic white clouds, are finally appearing and reflecting a new Spring/ Summer . “The whole earth was brimming sunshine that morning. She tripped along, the clear sky pouring liquid blue into her soul”  Theodore Dreiser Blue and White china mugs…can’t …

It’s the power of pink

Photo Credits: Inspirational photo’s from House Beautiful , Martha Stewart Weddings, Google Images: Paper Lanterns. Photo Credits: Pink Champagne Cupcakes: Culinary Serendipity, Images Google search Pink Champagne, Marie Antoniette photo’s from official site, inspirational cake making ideas from Babushka Bakery. Photo Credits: Google search Images, Martha Stewart Weddings. Photo Credits: Google Search: Pink Champagne, Coco Chanel and Pink Photo Credits: Shoes in top left corner: With the collaboration of Christian Louboutin and Jean-Francoise Lesage designing and creating these shoes . Should they come in a velvet, gold encrusted shoe box? Google Search: Marie Antoinette.Designer shoes for the movie Marie Antoinette designed by Manolo Blahnik. Photo’s from original Marie Antoinette site. With the rejoicing songs of birds of a feather, it’s been a day of sun behind clouds and falling rain. I’ve been reading some of my design magazines on line. And nearly all of them have a design in PINK section, where every tone and shade of pink can be put into our homes. From kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, fridges,mirrors and wardrobes. One of my favourite …

TT – Icy Pink

Today is a chilly and cold day in this Southern Hemisphere climate. Not as cold as those Winter snowy Northern ones, but never the less it has been cold. A freezing whispering wind that makes your cheeks cold and red. Today’s photo is one of those that makes me think of beauty and all it’s simplicity. A beautiful fragile image of a rose covered by icy snow. A survivor of harsh Winter chills. It would have to be one of my favourite photo’s and every time I look at it. I’m mesmerized by it’s beauty. I’m joining in Kim Klassens Texture Tuesday – The Pretty in Pink eDition joining herself and many other inspiring photographers who love images and textures. A playful tapestry of colours, textures and subject matter, link up here and feel free to join in. Image Recipe: Original photo + kkgolden + kkpourvous + highlights + text This new experimenting of textures in photography is something I’m really enjoying! Love to all, Yvette…x

A Touch of Spook

A corner, an entrance, a table setting, what ever it may be just a hint of inspiration,changes the look of our homes interior, and with the changing mood we move on through the year (and isn’t it passing quickly). Autumn is a spectacular season,with it’s changing colours of reds,yellows and oranges,I’ve only put a hint of it in my home.With this hallway display of coloured berries from the garden and a  pumpkin sitting in a birds nest garland. However as it’s nearly Halloween,and the end of another month, I wanted to add a little spook to the display. Halloween isn’t really celebrated here in Italy, although we have been invited to a Halloween dinner with my American girlfriend this year. If you’re looking for a little spook why not grab this idea, Happy Haunting Bunting by Moselle. I printed out the motifs free, printed them on to Ivory parchment paper, drew a black pen border around each letter them glued them to kitchen twine,and as you can see a real treat to the eye. A …

Welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn. Tuesday here saw the start of Autumn. Falling leaves,changing colours and chilly temperatures on their way. There are so many wonderful changes in the garden.Leaves,seedpods, berries, acorns and with all these wonderful changes to the eye there’s the changing acoustics, the rustling leaves of falling freely, crunching and kicking of leaves underfoot, changing melodies of Winter birds. “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting  and autumn a mosaic of them all.” –   Stanley Horowitz   This Autumn wreath was made with all the findings of this time of the year from the garden and we’ve just starting harvesting our corn crops. Hence these rustic looking corn flowers,made from corn husks, one hint on making these always remember to spray them with hair spray or fixing spray, otherwise beasties will eat them and the wreath won’t last for the following year. I love the natural colours of the corn flowers, however they can be spray painted also.   Because a garden mean constantly making choices, it offers almost limitless possibilities for …