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TT: La Dolce Vita

We all have favourite film’s, and with our own personal  magnetism we reach out and grab something, a  memory of that film and lock it away until a significant word, a song or a scene triggers the memory again. Reading an article on Rome, memories of my travels came to mind. The many wonderful Roman buildings and statues. The cobbled alley ways and angel faced facades and columns. My photo challenge with Kim Klassen this week was to depict within our photo’s a title of a film. La Dolce Vita, in Italian meaning ‘The Good Life’, ‘The Sweet Life’. The film made in 1960, is a world famous film by Federico Fellini, and one of it’s famous scenes filmed at the Trevi Fountain in Rome is where Sylvia (played by Swedish-American actress Anita Ekberg) and Marcello Mastroianni wade under the cascading water of the famous fountain. It’s one of those classic black and whites where you fall under the spell of romanticism, wander along the cobbled streets of Rome with them and fall for a …

TT: three eDition

Today’s Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is having fun with the number three. Diving through the archives of photo’s, I had played around with these white hobnail glass bowls, and decided on these ones. kkwarmsun texture + original photo kklifesgood texture + original photo Collage: three3 Lots of projects in the making at the moment…a lot of inspirational work. Hopefully I can get back into the kitchen antics soon…missing you all friends. Take a look at some inspirational photos over at Kim Klassens Cafe and feel free to take part in Texture Tuesdays here All have a great week. Yvette….x

Texture Tuesday – Vintage

Lace, pearls, antique roses, subtle creamy colours. Today’s theme for Textile Tuesday is VINTAGE. The first photo I used Kim Klassens texture: Serendipity+lifesgood+warmsun.worked with highlights and shadows. The second I used, Kim Klassen’s  new texture: kkpourvous+kklifesgood+worked on tinting. You must understand photo texture is all NEW to me. And I want to say it’s all very adventurous and therapeutic!   But can we really make any mistakes.!We all have different views ,visions and interpretations of something creative and artful. The originals follow: Thanks for visiting today, and joining in with Texture Tuesday, linked to Kim Klassens Cafè. Have a great day, friends Yvette…x