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TT: La Dolce Vita


We all have favourite film’s, and with our own personal  magnetism we reach out and grab something, a  memory of that film and lock it away until a significant word, a song or a scene triggers the memory again.

Reading an article on Rome, memories of my travels came to mind. The many wonderful Roman buildings and statues. The cobbled alley ways and angel faced facades and columns. My photo challenge with Kim Klassen this week was to depict within our photo’s a title of a film.


La Dolce Vita, in Italian meaning ‘The Good Life’, ‘The Sweet Life’. The film made in 1960, is a world famous film by Federico Fellini, and one of it’s famous scenes filmed at the Trevi Fountain in Rome is where Sylvia (played by Swedish-American actress Anita Ekberg) and Marcello Mastroianni wade under the cascading water of the famous fountain. It’s one of those classic black and whites where you fall under the spell of romanticism, wander along the cobbled streets of Rome with them and fall for a touch of magic.

I have to admit this famous scene from the movie, gives the impression that there’s room in all directions, but the fountain itself is huddled between buildings and narrow alleyways. However, a magical spot to throw a gold coin and make a wish!

You can see the famous scene here

La Dolce Vita

I’ve been making magic myself by using some of these wonderful textures from Kim Klassens Collection.You can link up to Texture Tuesdays here and stop in at her cafè for a look around at the other inspirational photographers.

Image Recipes:

Photo 1: original photo + kkautumnart texture + highlights 40% + text font: Parchment 60 + Agency 10 + 60% sharpness. ( Picasa 3)

Photo 2 & 3 : original photo + kkgrunged texture + highlights 30% + 50% sharpness/light + text font: Parchment 60 + Agency 10 (Picasa 3)

Wishing everyone a great week and embrace La Dolce Vita.



    • Thanks Mandy, hope you’ve settled in at home, thanks for finding time to call by! You too have a great week! x

  1. Clare says

    Wow I have just started reading these and can’t wait to see the next one. You do a wonderful jo

  2. Yvette, these are some of my favorites by far. I truly like the effect you accomplished. You’re really sailing!

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Great capture and use of the texture. That was a great film. I love watching movies from other countries to see all the fabulous places I long to go to.

  4. It’s just beautiful! I love the pretty soft colors.

    Thank you for your wonderful comment, I enjoyed reading it ♥

    I am loving your food photo’s and those Chocolate Cream Filled Horns are just about to do me in just looking at them! Oh and I don’t think I have any chocolate in the house! And then there’s the Lemon Meringue Pie! What’s a girl to do?

  5. What a fantastic choice for Kim’s movie challenge, Yvette! You images are delightful, well done! Have a happy week 🙂

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