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Five Little Questions

  I’ve been travelling together with Kim & Xanthe participating in their ‘Behind the Scenes’ e-course and connecting to a wonderful group of creative people. We’re connecting today by posting and answering 5 little questions & answers. We’re all getting to know each other a little better by sharing and linking together, and it’s been a few weeks of great inspirations, technical help and wonderful idea’s for our blogs. Thank you Ladies…     5 Questions 1. What makes you happy?….. in 5 words or less….? Sunshine, Smiles and Rose Petals. 2. Which talent would you most like to have?  Creative Writer 3. Which words or phrases do you overuse most? Honey, Truly!, 4. What is your favourite movie, book or both? Movie: Under a Tuscan Sun. Directed by Audrey Wells Book: The Language of Flowers By Vanessa Diffenbaugh 5. If you could go anywhere in the world for a creative retreat where might it be? By the ocean, high in the mountains, beauty and nature all around. Linking to BTS Yvette…x

The Balance of Life

  “There is a little secret something so amazing, so miraculous and so wonderful that we should share it with everyone we know once we learn it. The secret is that there is nothing that others can do to really hurt us from the outside when we do not allow our own thoughts to hurt us on the inside. Once we take care of what is going on inside of our minds and our hearts and our souls, anything that tries to come at us from the outside simply can have no influence on our life.”                  Bravegirls Club

TT –Free & Easy eDition

I’m up to Wednesday…it must still be Tuesday somewhere? This week I’ve been introduced to the world of patterns..breaking down the shapes and patterns in natures beauty..and its an amazing world, a world we see without really looking…looking at those man made objects which surround us,walls, rusty gates and fences we just don’t see the intricate patterns within. From natural beauty of flowers, to squares and grids of a footpath we may walk everyday. … but amazingly I am surrounded by wonderful shapes and patterns. Recipe: original photo + kk123 + highlights 23% + shadows 60% (Picasa3) Recipe: original photo + kkautumnburst + shadows60% + highlights 72%  (Picasa3) I love the texture of the wood behind this garden ornament. This new journey of design is amazing, and I somehow feel a certain tranquility and creative spirit that that’s what I should be doing. The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, featuring Rachael Taylor  and Beth Nicholls is inspiring me to find my own style and capture the freedom to create in any direction. After …

Inspirational Lesson One

Some of you that visit my blog may have seen a little icon to the right hand side of my blog, I enrolled myself into this amazing and inspiring course. The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, featuring Rachael Taylor  and Beth Nicholls and today I have been busy whirling with inspiration, colour, design and trying to find ‘my style’ of pattern art. For inspiration we were to look around us…and I’m always seeking inspiration for my photo’s from no further than a few steps from my door. So a look outside this morning, I soon saw inspiration in the garden. Continuing on with inspiration, we were then to combine this with objects we love in the form of strips and dots.What easier than to run for stationary card, ribbons, buttons,pens and paper. Some of my visual boards…. And here’s where it started to get a little challenging! It’s changing my perspective of how to look at things…I was reaching for the ‘graphics’ girl from within again and I actually had a lot of …

Pink Inspirational Thoughts

The first eight days of October are a rush of memories, dreams and thoughts for me. For everyday from the first to the eighth someone I know celebrates a birthday. I have to admit I’ve fallen into the jaws of modern technology, and in the rush opted to send electronic messages by phone and social networking sites, but with inspirational comments this week and visual boards that I created today, I’ve been inspired to make my own cards, write in them, create a little something special  in each and send them to everyone of my friends and family. Written, signed, sealed and delivered!   We all know that giving or sending greeting cards is a simple and effective way of staying in touch, adding a truly personal touch and reaching out to those we care about, but where did the greeting card come from? The first civilization to employ the use of greeting cards was the ancient Chinese, who used them for the purpose of conveying New Year’s wishes. The earliest paper greeting card in …

A Circle of friends

  Sometimes life gets so busy, we change, things change us. Sometimes directions in life are easy, sometimes a little harder. We all set ourselves goals, day by day, week by week…month by month…and even next year. Every week I set myself some weekly goals to visit my circle of friends. Those whose blogs I adore to look at, read, comment and get inspired from. Our circles of friends are all different. We all have different passions. Those who write poems, who create in their kitchens, who paint, who make tea, who capture things through the lens…and you my friend, are part of my circle, and how lonely my life would be without you. Today, I wanted to share with you, a reflective corner of blue and white. The changing blue skies and those soft romantic white clouds, are finally appearing and reflecting a new Spring/ Summer . “The whole earth was brimming sunshine that morning. She tripped along, the clear sky pouring liquid blue into her soul”  Theodore Dreiser Blue and White china mugs…can’t …

TT – Back to School eDition

Summer Vacation is drawing to a close on the other side of the world and this is the inspiration behind Kim Klassens Texture Tuesday Challenge. Thinking on today’s subject there are of course some obvious objects that remind me of school. Pencils,pens, books, apples, learning tools and these are my inspirations for these photo’s. Photo1 Recipe: original photo:yvettes twistedvines + kkcoolgrunge + kk123 + highlights 60% + black&white film + film grain 40% (Picasa 3) Photo2 Recipe: original photo: yvettes twistedvines + kk123 + kkpaperscript + highlights.(Picasa 3) Photo3 recipe: original photo yvettes twistedvines + kk123 + kkcoolgrunge + soft focus + film grain  (Picasa 3) I love changing an image by the use of textures, and thanks to Kim Klassen I’m learning more and more each week. It’s still all an experiment and I can sometimes get carried away…but that’s all part of the fun of learning. Join in today’s challenge or just go and visit  Kim Klassens Cafe and look at all the inspirational creations for Back to School eDition. Have a great …

Your Ticket to Wonderland

Photo Credits: House Beautiful, Google search, Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland,Peacock feathers, AquaMarine, Bottom left: Source Unknown. Bottom Right:Patricia Gray Inc. Photo Credits: House Beautiful palette aquamarine; Vivienne Westwood Shoe4;Mimosa Reversible Bedding in Aquamarine Zgallerie Bedding; Google Search Aquamarine,Peacock feathers,Alice in Wonderland; Cake designed by PinkCake Box; Nicholas Kirkwood Designer Shoes. Photo Credit: Center photo – Eat me miniatures, check out the talents of Cindy Teh from Snowfern don’t waste another second and go visit her charming unbelievable talent. You won’t believe your eye’s. Google search Aquamarine; House Beautiful Designer Cakes by PinkCakeBox; Google Search Alice in Wonderland,Source Unknown,The White Queen – Anne Hathaway in Alice in Wonderland, Designer Shoe Versace Spring 2010 Collection Photo Credits:House Beautiful; Favim .com search: Alice in Wonderland, Source Unknown. …”Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, `and what is the use of …

TT: three eDition

Today’s Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is having fun with the number three. Diving through the archives of photo’s, I had played around with these white hobnail glass bowls, and decided on these ones. kkwarmsun texture + original photo kklifesgood texture + original photo Collage: three3 Lots of projects in the making at the moment…a lot of inspirational work. Hopefully I can get back into the kitchen antics soon…missing you all friends. Take a look at some inspirational photos over at Kim Klassens Cafe and feel free to take part in Texture Tuesdays here All have a great week. Yvette….x

Texture Tuesday:Breathe

Inspirational photo sharing today with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, our photo project for this week was to add words to one of our chosen photo’s, add some texture, and c r e a t e . “Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by it’s breathtaking moments” Michael Vance I created this image by: Base Photo + Texture: Just Cause KK + Texture: Sweetart KK + Texture: Pourvous KK + adjustments on film grain and soft focus. Added text and colour. Lilies are another one of my favourites next to roses, a regal beauty with it’s silken petals and refined beauty.In full bloom  or even tightly closed buds I love these stunning and fragrant flowers. Find more inspirational photo’s by visiting Kim Klassen’s Cafe Have a great day Yvette…x Related articles Texture Tuesday – Light( Texture Tuesday – Vintage (