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The Balance of Life

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“There is a little secret something so amazing, so miraculous and so wonderful that we should share it with everyone we know once we learn it. The secret is that there is nothing that others can do to really hurt us from the outside when we do not allow our own thoughts to hurt us on the inside. Once we take care of what is going on inside of our minds and our hearts and our souls, anything that tries to come at us from the outside simply can have no influence on our life.”
                  Bravegirls Club

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I’ve reached the end of the week , which has been to say the least eventful…today is the end of my first teaching unit in a series of three. Teaching a wonderful group of students, who have learnt to enjoy creative lessons of art and knowledge and its proven to me, the enrichment of ones life with children.

However, this week has also proven to me, just how positive a gentle voice, a listening voice, and the fine line of ones patience from anger can influence a moment. My class this week was interrupted by an adult parent, who obviously had had a ‘bad day’. His presence in my classroom for no more than five minutes, was like a cyclonic word – wind. My patience and silence of emotions on the outside, were so different of how I was feeling inside. My protective screen was up, to protect the children of any more disruptive emotions, I let the parent adult leave without a word from me. There was no use fighting flames with fire. I finished the class, shaking, so emotional that my body trembled and wept from my inner emotions of witnessing a case of adult ‘bullying’.


After class,and every day since then, I went over in my mind again and again, what if…but what if…and he could have…..but those things didn’t happen. I was in control, just as I am at the end of the week, still in control… to face my class again today, with still a gentle smile and voice of encouragement. My decision was correct, my decision changed the outcome.

Has there been a decision you made or failed to make only this week, that powerfully influences your life today? A what if moment…?

I’ve had some wonderful news to finish off the week also, that ‘Sweet Blessings’ my strawberry vanilla buttercake that I submitted to DessertStalking was accepted. DessertStalking is the food photo submission site for all things sweet – featuring great photos of desserts from blogs around the world. 

Have a wonderful day, friends



  1. First, A big hug and congratulations, Yvette! Acceptances are always good news, and more to come, I’m sure of it. Your photos are worth every good exposure.

    As for your situation in the classroom…Every day I get on the road other drivers try to force their frustrations, aggressiveness, and inconsideration upon me. I try to drive the speed limit and take my time…be at peace and relax…but they zoom past me going 15-30 miles OVER the speed limit. This has been happening more aggressively in the past 3-4 years.

    It’s everything I can do not to absorb the negative energy…but there are moments when they pull some downright nasty moves ‘to show me’ that I find it very difficult not to react inside. I can feel my emotions begin to boil and my body will respond by hurting inside. It’s not good. Even if there isn’t anger involved, the fact that there are others coming up behind me with violent intent can be very nerve-racking.

    Anger should never be suppressed, as that will cause great dis-ease in the body, but as you say there is a way to respond or not to respond depending on the situation. You did well, not to react to the parent’s disruption, and hopefully you were able to release whatever disruption he caused within you. Releasing it as soon as possible is not always easy (it takes constant practice), but certainly worth it. The result will be a more peaceful and healthy you. I am determined to master this.

    Marianne xox

    • Thankyou for your comment, Marianne, I know it’s probably a post where some people might share their comments and others won’’s not always easy expressing ourselves, as it wasn’t an easy post for me to write. We are all too quick to judge, and yes, sometimes too quick to react the ‘best’ way not always the ‘right’ way…So much easier to pass on love and share in hope…have a relaxing and joyful weekend. x

  2. The what ifs can occupy so much time we are never present. maybe some of this unknown is out of our control and certainly judging us or second guessing can attach us to that moment so we miss more moments. needing approval or disapproval makes us vulnerable to others.

    As you say, we are perfect within oir truevself, untouchable by others. A steady mind makes decisions based on the present moment or stimulii available. Not influenced at all by past thoughts and especially what ifs. being pent with. Focused mind empty of thought operates fluidly.

    Why not let that adult assume his own behavior, it is rel life and not your job to shield them. Life has suffering, we wither and die but that is a glorious opportunity for each of us. Nothing else matters but this moment if it is not clouded by self doubt and worry.

    We do not have to accomplish anything or please anyone to be here totally, living life fully. happiness says Rick Hanson lights up areas of the prefrontal cortex activated meditating or mindfulness. nothing but following the breath o intently the ego goes dormant.

    We are at our best empty of thought focused and clear headed. Every great athlete has this kind of focus or concentration and a practice routine. if I m a pro baseball player, a hitter, when I am at the plate ready for the pitcher to deliver the ball, any thought slows my chances of hitting the ball.

    Thought is five seconds behind our defense mechanisms and somewhat behind or intuitive reflexes. A good Hitter has slowed the one second it takes for the ball to arrive by focus and repetitive practice. The mind and body have worked out a Union that sometimes allows a hitter to pick up spin on a baseball and adjust all in that ine second.

    THought, well wandering thought is our issue. try staying present. never say a negative word or entertain a negate emotion about yourself. Add some affirmations and we can change our ego or self image to perfect.

    Sorry speak of wandering, back to the parent, Think if you could follow your breath and focus allowing the judgment to pass. After it is vacated, let it fade as you slow the breath. feel the sensations that have been fired. Go to these areas mentally and observe. get to know where your fear settles. What does it feel like?

    Does it have a shape or color. intensitiy. no judgment, just observe. now mybe as you lt this adult on his behavior and you are not tied to that rigid judgment, the reason behind his behavior may be revealed. One thing without the judgment and what ifs, your mind would have found the bst solution you could have made and acted without doubt.

    our cognitive ego brings its bias and we make decisions to quickly then doubt ourselves.

    You sound like a tremendous teacher and a caring person. See your self and just do. let it go results are not our concern. W are responsible only for trying our bat nd be here to experience it.

    Welcome to my blog

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