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Mulberry Joy- Felicity eDition

  Helllo friends, Another Texture Tuesday Challenge with Kim Klassen… …and another whirling couple of weeks for me. Do you have those days when you think you have something in the palm of your hand, but really its only in fingertips reach…I know in my mind that lifes little triggers of wisdom come from lifes lessons, we grow stronger, we find our inner selves and voices, and striving for that new job, that new creative thread…these lessons make us grow and become a stronger person. The road is never ever straight, its winding with crossroads, and if we take the wrong turn, we need the courage and strength from the lesson learnt to turn around and start again. Pick up the pieces…and start again. This challenge with Kim was to use one of her fabulous textures: ‘felicity’. It came to mind the Italian word felicità which means joy, happiness and picking these mulberries fresh from the tree was just that. A happy time, full of giggles and laughter, climbing ladders and eating these little morsels …

Advent Cheer

Theirs are the little fingers, who can’t yet tie a bow, theirs are the smiles that you see with sparkle in their eyes, theirs are the cheers at the time of play…a little group of friends who each Sunday we meet and say a little prayer together, play a little song,sing and dance together and learn and listen to stories. The past couple of months I have been teaching Children’s Liturgy, a little group of people with big hearts and armfuls of hugs and love…and who have also taught me to take the time, and cherish the ‘ah ha’ moments… Advent is a time of preparation, and the last couple of weeks we’ve been preparing an Advent Christmas wreath for the Red Cross Christmas Wreath and Tree Competition. With so many new and exciting idea’s, we decided on the Advent colour of purple combining tulle, ribbons, baubles and of course some bling, I made these little signs…using hot silicone glue and white paint, the words Peace, Love, Hope (purple candles) Joy (pink candle) and Christ …

Easter Wishes

Dear Friends, I take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and Happy Easter – Buona Pasqua. Over the last weeks I’ve been enjoying this lead up to a very special  joyous time of the year. Celebrating in many ways both in the kitchen, around the home of my family, from the heart and strengthening my soul. With this break upon us, I wish you happiness and joy, with your family and friends. I’ look forward to new beginnings… Thank you for your time to come and visit and leave comments, I truly appreciate every word… Wishing you all joyous Easter moments… Yvette…x