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Advent Cheer

Theirs are the little fingers, who can’t yet tie a bow, theirs are the smiles that you see with sparkle in their eyes, theirs are the cheers at the time of play…a little group of friends who each Sunday we meet and say a little prayer together, play a little song,sing and dance together and learn and listen to stories. The past couple of months I have been teaching Children’s Liturgy, a little group of people with big hearts and armfuls of hugs and love…and who have also taught me to take the time, and cherish the ‘ah ha’ moments…

mixed dec 20111

Advent is a time of preparation, and the last couple of weeks we’ve been preparing an Advent Christmas wreath for the Red Cross Christmas Wreath and Tree Competition. With so many new and exciting idea’s, we decided on the Advent colour of purple combining tulle, ribbons, baubles and of course some bling,

mixed dec 20113

I made these little signs…using hot silicone glue and white paint, the words Peace, Love, Hope (purple candles) Joy (pink candle) and Christ (white candle) to hang on our five candles on our wreath. The little children had fun, placing paint on their fingers and leaving their finger prints on our Christmas baubles of bright purple, then we placed each childs name on ribbons to hang on our wreath.

mixed dec 20114

Advent is a special time, and as we prepare for Christmas let’s take the time to give thanks to God for all of the good things in our lives, especially the love of our family and friends.

Joyful Blessings friends,


Reindeer etching The Graphics Fairy


  1. How lovely. It is wonderful to see Children’s little faces light up with the magic of Christmas isn’t it? Lovely decorations. I hope you enjoy the festive season as much as we are going to this year.

    • It’s been an adventure for me, taking on the new role at Children’s Liturgy, it’s so rewarding in more ways than you know…the children are so wonderful and have lots of fun.. and so do the teachers! Have a wonderful festive season.

    • The children are so special, they make me laugh and sometimes cry…however we’ve all become very close and we’re having a Christmas celebration this weekend. Lots of preparation is the next couple of days…x

  2. How refreshing to read of someone who observes this season of contemplation and anticipation. I love Christmas, but is is so much more rewarding if we use this time to prepare.

    • This year it seems so much more precious to me, after a ‘thunderstorm’ of a many changes and new directions. This wonderful group of children teach me as well!

  3. Oh, the wreath’s colors and design are beautiful, Yvette. What a precious project. And when you mentioned that each child put their fingerprints on the baubles, I thought, what a precious gift to Christ. Since each child’s fingerprint is unique, it’s like they are bringing their individual uniqueness before Christ, yet as one mind and spirit. Perfect!

    I hope this advent brings you the peace and joy you so deserve.

    Marianne xo

    • Thank you Marianne, We had a wonderful time making the Christmas fingerprint baubles, and painting our cutout wings..the advent wreath goes to exhibition today, so hopefully I can take some photo’s of the finished product in the Art Museum…x

    • …and the children are special, we had so much fun making this wreath..I have so much purple around me it makes me smile…x

  4. What a beautiful and enjoyable blog Yvette , it left a warm glow in my heart just imagining the little ones joy and excitement
    Thank you for sharing a delightful moment

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