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The vineyard…water

On the land this week. With the ever increasing temperatures,it’s time to irrigate the vineyard. It was an early start…5.30am to be exact. The view from my window,a soft spray of water… Depending on the weather,and the supply of water from the canals which run along side our property, we may irrigate three more times.After a few hours, the vineyard is finished,we move all the steel tubes to another area where we irrigate corn crops. Our wheel of agriculture keeps turning!

Ocean Table Bliss

The Summer weather is here, and believe me I’m enjoying every minute of it. The ocean blues,fine white beach sand, shells, and candlelight set the mood for a great Summer feeling to a table setting. Easy entertaining… A photo of a ocean scene or a memorable holiday photo,gives that personal touch to an easy conversation – fun holiday memories… I added a glass vase with mixed sized shells… A white linen tea towel makes a great centre table runner, I used as a base white plates, that way any colour scheme can be immerged into the setting. I added blue and white side plates and blue glassware… I had scallop shells saved away,and these are a great ocean theme accessory, place one facedown, and rest the other on top, place a small tea lamp candle inside. These are also great accessories for outside partying, lighting a pathway or around the table at ground level. Using blue napkins…now here’s a personal choice..yes I love white linen “real napkins” but  with the unlimited use of paper napkins with their colors and …

Mulberry Cream

  View Full Album This was truly a colorful cooking experience. This cream is made with fresh mulberries, a little messy, but hey all in the fun of cooking. Mulberries are in season at the moment,from May until September, a dark grape nearly black colour, shiny, with a mixed taste of sweet and sour flavour, wonderful for making jams, jellies and ice –creams. Always best to eat this fruit straight away as they’re hard to conserve. There are many wild mulberry trees along the walkways around our place and our street at the moment is stained a dark violet colour. We have four large mulberry trees along the side of our house, planted nearly fifty plus years ago, they were planted to divide not only the vineyard, but used in silkworm farming. Recipe: Mulberry Cream Serves 4 300 grams fresh mulberries 2 tablespoons liqueur (optional) 3 tablespoons sugar 250 grams mascarpone 500 ml fresh liquid cream Preparation Wash and pat dry mulberries. Pass through sifter collecting the juice. To the mulberry juice add sugar, liqueur …