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TT – Open eDition

This week has been a little rushed…to say the least. Gathering ideas for patterns I’ve been taken photo’s of some wonderful Australian flora….or found on Australian soil.

open tt

Open Pods

Joining in and linking to Kim Klassens Texture Tuesday.

Original Twistedvines + kk lola + light and shadow adjustments.(Picasa3)

boyanup 2012 003

boyanup 2012 001

original photo.


Have a great week, Yvette…x


  1. aenee/Lily says

    Love the first photo !!! great idea to use glass , it’s glass underneath isn’t it ??

    aenee/Lily over from Kim’s

    • The nearest flat surface was an outdoor setting with a glass frosted tabletop. The texture enhances the background! Thanks for joining me at TT.

    • Having fun with our natural’ Australian’ flora. The natural textures of seed pods, flowers and leaves is never-ending and simply beautiful.

    • Thanks Rosie for joining me in TT, Lovely to have you call by, I took so many photo’s of different flowers and leaves…natural Australian diversity and beauty all interesting with their own beauty.

  2. Aren’t they beautiful, Yvette! Nature meets us half way to create a glorious finished product. I like the “icy” texture of the table against the soft texture of the flower heads and the woody looking texture of the pods. Your labor is a thing of beauty.

    Enjoy a wonderful day.
    Marianne xo

    • Thanks Marianne. They are beautiful and diverse than anything I’ve seen. Australia has many ‘natural’ beauties!

    • Hi Cheryl, Thanks for calling by. Apart from the seed pods, the flowers are unique themselves. I love how the texture enhances their form.

    • Thanks for linking up from TT, always a pleasure to meet other creative participants. We do (as Australians) have some diverse and unique flora. An abundance of beauty to capture with a lens,

  3. Well done Yvette , you really capture the intrinsic beauty of our flora
    I think you would be a great botanist in any university in Australia
    Your close ups are a credit
    Ian aka Emu

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