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The vineyard…water

On the land this week. With the ever increasing temperatures,it’s time to irrigate the vineyard. It was an early start…5.30am to be exact. The view from my window,a soft spray of water… Depending on the weather,and the supply of water from the canals which run along side our property, we may irrigate three more times.After a few hours, the vineyard is finished,we move all the steel tubes to another area where we irrigate corn crops. Our wheel of agriculture keeps turning!

Work in the vineyard

It’s full steam ahead with the workload of the vineyard, now until harvesting time around August. There’s the general cutting of grass, keeping everything neat and tidy. Spraying of the vineyard. The pruning of overhanging vines.  The grapes and just starting to peek through and grab some sunlight and enjoy their micro – climate, of warm sunlighted days and cool evenings. The perfect balance .