our vineyard
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Work in the vineyard


It’s full steam ahead with the workload of the vineyard, now until harvesting time around August. There’s the general cutting of grass, keeping everything neat and tidy. Spraying of the vineyard.


The pruning of overhanging vines.


 The grapes and just starting to peek through and grab some sunlight and enjoy their micro – climate, of warm sunlighted days and cool evenings. The perfect balance .



  1. Your vines look lovely. I have a dream of a long table amongst the vines eating a long and delicious lunch, Italian style. With lots of friends and family.

  2. Buttercup: I’m so pleased for the change of weather, although the rain has made it’s mark in the early days of Spring here.

    CHF: Amongst the vines does create a great atmosphere…they have a sort of mystical power.!

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