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To Market…To Market

I couldn’t resist the urge this morning to get all the housework finished early and take a look around the markets in the heart of Treviso. The weather forecast was for rain but ignoring all-weather reports I decided to take the chance and head off, with walking shoes on, camera , wallet and no room for an umbrella. I must admit today I looked like a tourist and that’s how I played the game. Arriving outside the wall, I took a brisk walk into the centre of Treviso, the markets are an open-aired market and divided into three areas…fruit and vegetables, fish and everything else.   

market day

Treviso’s markets are every Tuesday and Saturday, and are a real buzz. You can buy almost anything, clothes, shoes, belts and accessories. Fresh fish, fruit and vegetables,you can buy a cooked chicken to a new pet mouse or canary.   

It was fun walking around with camera in hand, and I surely did stand out in the crowd. Everyone was happy to smile and let me take the shot, and I think I must had been asked more than 10 times…”where are you from?”   

candy stall

It’s the perfect place to get the five senses working, seeing all the wonderful local produce, “Made in Italy”, smelling the magical perfumes, from freshly ground coffee, cheeses and salame, herbs and flowers. Tasting samples of local products, like honey and cheese. Feeling the texture of different materials and hearing the buzz of the Italian language.   

cheese stall

It was hard to resist not taking more photo’s of these flower stalls…a brilliant rainbow of new spring colours…   

flower stall

herb stall

These markets start at 8.00am and finish around 1.00pm, and I must admit I did lose time wandering around…

fish market

My last stop was to visit my friend who with her family have a fresh fruit and vegetable stall.
 Ending today’s visit, I guess lady luck was on my side today….not a drop of rain and the wallet remained closed but a pleasant capture through the lens of market day in Treviso.

fruit stall


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