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Spiral Puffed Apples

Usually there’s two or three apples left in the bottom of the fridge, well I know in my house there usually is, why not jazz them up a little and enjoy these Spiral Puffed Apples, this recipe hasn’t been adapted from’s original, the mixture for the centres can be made from any dried fruits or nuts…a combination of dates and hazelnut’s..apricots and macadamia….the list is endless…look inside your pantry cupboard and get creative! 

Spiral Puffed Apples

Spiral Puffed Apple Recipe:Ingredients: for 2 serves 


Golden Delicious Apples 

4  Walnut kernels 

6 Dried Cranberries 

6 sultanas 

1 tablespoon Cream Cheese 

Brown Sugar 

Puffed Pastry ( Ready made, rectangle 30cm x 30cm) 

1 sheet of Puff Pastry this size covers 3 apples. 


Pre – heat oven to 200°c 

Wash, paper towel dry and core apples. 

Spiral Puffed Apples

Chop finely walnuts, cranberries and sultana’s together. Combine with the cream cheese. Press firmly into the centre of the apple.  

Spiral Puffed Apples

Cut a circle (glass size) of puff pastry for the bottom of the apple, then cut 1cm strips of puff pastry. 

Spiral Puffed Apples

These strips of pastry spiral around the apple, sprinkle brown sugar over the top of the apples, and they’re ready to be baked.  

Spiral Puffed Apples

 Place in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden. 

Spiral Puffed Apples

Spiral Puffed Apples are best served hot. Accompanied with cream or custard or just on their own are great! 


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  1. Oh, my! This sounds heavenly! I love reading your blogs, Yvette! They’re beautifully done and quite inspiring.
    I hope to see you soon!

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