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Handwritten Recipes

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t received a handwritten letter in ages.  The computer world of clicking has taken over from the personal notes and letters I once received. The quick flash notes that I’ve written while connecting to friends have never had  that same personal touch as  receiving in the mail a handwritten letter.  The emotion and enthusiasm of going out to check the postal box, reaching for that envelope, looking at the handwriting and instantly knowing who’s it from. Our memory never fails us, a quick glance at the hand written address and instantaneously we recognise the handwriting. In a heart beat we open that letter and enjoy the feeling of that connection with the person who hand wrote that letter. 

The last thing I received through the post was an Easter card from my mum. Mum’s part of the old school ways, and never forgets to pop in the post that Birthday card, anniversary of Christmas wish. 

Apart from the quick one page grocery and the things to do list, there is one thing that I write and put away, and that’s hand written recipes. I’ve collected a few, (under statement) in the past few years.  The family favourites written down by my mother or grandmothers.  My sister’s and her children’s favourites, friends whom I’ve visited, tasted something new and they’ve instantly written the recipe down  for me. They’re all stored away in a tin for keeps sake. 

handwritten recipes

Picking up one of these handwritten recipes I have that  personal connection again with the person who wrote it, and maybe even remember the time and place it was written. The special occasion, the celebration of a birthday, the dinner party with friends, the phone call from a loved one..this one has occurred many a time for me talking to my sister…”Do you remember that recipe?”…”the one Mum makes…..” 

I want to share with you some of these favourites, and some of the special occasions I’ve had and it’s all with the memory from a handwritten recipe.. this little keep sake is truly a tin of treasures.


  1. I treasure my mother and grand mother handwriting recipes. I think they are so special, whenever I look at them I try to remember how the food tasted like when they made it. They are really have a personal connection with us. Thanks for the great post.

  2. lifeinarecipe says

    How true! In my recent efforts to clean up my recipes, I came across many handwritten recipes which evoked many memories and stirred an inner emotion to share and connect with others, which in part led me to start my blog. Thank you for sharing!

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