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I’m on a Mission

Day 1 & 2  Behind the Scenes “When you have something to write, get on with it.” So, that’s what I have intention of doing, just going with the flow. I’m participating in Kims & Xanthes Behind the Scenes: A creative guide to blogging your Passion on line course. With Kim & Xanthe at my side, we’re part of a group of innovative and creative souls. Inspiration flowing from all over the world. We’ve only just started, but there’s such enthusiasm and strong energy I know I’m going to enjoy this journey. As I’ve been only blogging for a couple of years, ‘blogging’ was a means of communicating with family and friends, of showing them where I lived in Italy, sharing my new culinary cuisine and the extreme climate changes, so different of what I was used to in Australia. Moving to another country has really ‘changed’ me, in so many ways. I have said it before and still to this day, moving to another country, with a different language, customs and politics wasn’t easy, …

Autumn Holidays

Busy days of late.  Autumn term break starts at the end of this week, and looking forward to time spent with ‘calmer’ days around home, behind the camera, and in the kitchen. Joining forces with my sister to prepare this morning tea: Fresh home made sushi, spring vegetable rolls, deep fried feta stuffed olives sticks, curried egg, honey leg ham and mustard tiered sandwiches, home made curried puffs, cream corn and tuna vol au vents, mascarpone, sun dried tomato and basil pesto pin wheels. Have a great week, Yvette…x

You First

Another challenge with Kim Klassen’s ‘Beyond Layers’. Bit by bit, layer by layer, finding the true inner self and capturing those wonderful moments, and times that I as a person grab onto the ‘me’ time. Last weeks self portrait challenge, wasn’t easy for myself and some other members of the group, but hey! it was a release to confront the self image, the reflection of the ‘true’ me and with Kim’s encouragement continue on this self discovery journey. So what better way to continue but ‘take the time’, embrace the ah ha moments that I can truly say, I’m doing this for me, I’m taking some time (and not feeling guilty) to do the things I love. I grabbed the moment of spending a few days with a wonderful friend, who was on her mission to excel in her new years resolution, of making time to visit family more often  Family not at her doorstep, travelling to the ‘bush’ some kilometers away from her home. I too, was on a mission, find time to do …

Easter Revisited #1

What better way to spend the afternoon with the warm sunlight reflecting off the windows, and surrounded by pastels, feathers, eggs, nests and mouth watering chocolate sweets. I found this old English china, not your usual fine, elegant designs and motifs. Plain, no designs, no gold trims, no embossing, just plain, hardly any markings.J EG. Meakin Glamour Celeste, Glamour Jade. But I couldn’t resist taking a few photos and making the cups and sauces, plates and bowls come alive with radiant pastel colours and charm. Perfect for an afternoon tea. What better way then to celebrate Easter with all these soft pastel colours. Egg Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Fairy Floss pink and Glamour jade. But to me they are all treasures, just because of their pastel colours. The plates and cups blend into a beautiful calm and playful group of colour – p a s t e l s. Another special treat for Easter, chocolate coated bunnies. This recipe is so much fun, just for the little ones. Another easy recipe for Mum to make and …

A Southern Hemisphere Christmas

                      Although some of you may well be over the Christmas Day cheers and shaken berocca’s. I end the Christmas month of December sharing with you one of my all time favourite Christmas ‘sweet’ recipes. Of course this can be made anytime of the year as walnuts are available all year round now. However, it’s our family tradition to make it over the Christmas month. Torta di Noce (Italian Walnut Cake). This was our third platter made up of Torta di Noce and Florentines for our mixed ‘sweet’ platters of Chocolate Rum Balls and Christmas Sugar Cheer. I’m also sharing photo’s of our family Christmas celebration – A Christmas Summertime in the southern hemisphere.

Christmas Tree.

‘Twas the write before Christmas #4 ‘This one will do fine, this one is perfect!.’ The tree I have happy memories of. It’s the tree that took me on an adventure with Daddy. The forest was filled with trees, but to find the perfect one, wasn’t my choice at all, it was Daddy’s choice. He knew which one was best to take home, he knew which one would make Mummy smile. Riding in the rusty pick-up was always the adventure I looked forward to every year, I’d stretch my neck to see the road, but Daddy knew the way, he always found the way. I was content to ride in that rusty truck, it was my time with Daddy to go on our special trip to find our special tree. Not too small, and not too big…the perfect tree. Our Christmas tree. I knew that scent, the perfume of pines. I love the smell of the pines, the undercroft bed of pointed needles, just like a prickly porcupine, and the intriguing shape of the pine …

St. Valentines Day

Happy St. Valentines Day to you all. Cherished memories of those we love and care for. A special day to show how we’re feeling towards the person we love and adore. Any token big or small is welcomed today. Special charms, roses, flowers, cards, candlelit dinners, kisses, hugs even a smile. What did you do today for that special someone? It’s the time of the year, to celebrate with red. Today I showed a little love by sharing these cute cupcakes. The simplest of ingredients with fine detailing of hearts. And to my special someone… I wrote your name in the sand,                                 but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in the sky,                                 but the wind blew it away. I wrote it in my heart                                  and that’s where it will stay….   All my love, … have a wonderful day friends, Yvette…x

It’s a Party

Can you remember your 10th Birthday? Grade Five where were you? Those innocent days of calling girlfriends talking for hours, swapping magazines ( Dolly!!), Pony tails and pig tails, laughter, giggling. What joy! My nieces sleepover beach party was organized last week..and what a week. Invitations were sent out the first day back at school.     We had such fun creating things for her Beach theme party, using a mix of bright c o l o u r s from the decorations to the food. Crafty things,party games, movies and sleepovers. We had a lot to prepare… Read on and see what fun we did have…

A Simple Moment

The Simple Moments this week have been many. Seeing a very unique world, an unknown pass for me. A never ending chattering hum , a melody of calls, a rhythm of  whines, a note of sorrow, a band of laughter, an orchestra of angels. Every minute is a changing moment when children are home. Music… View Full Album Simple moments make up the bigger picture. Join in and link up to Sarah’s blog.Share those simple moments from your week, through photo’s, poetry, thought’s, anything where you touch on something simple which creates the Bigger Picture.   Have a great day! Yvette…x