In the kitchen
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What’s happening in my kitchen?

After following Celia, and her marvellous blog, Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, her link can be found in my blog roll, she asked  

” What is happening in your kitchen this month” 

Well, already half the month of June has flown, and my kitchen has been a buzz. The vege patch is overflowing with fresh greens, a few bbq’s have been had with beautiful spring days, and this weekend will be the same…heading towards the end of the month is our wedding anniversary..and little old me celebrates another 40ish birthday. 

In my kitchen… 

On the bench top there’s always a vase of fresh flowers…my personal touch for me, that the house is complete. At the moment I have roses in full bloom and lavender. No commercial fragrant sprays, these roses leave their perfume throughout the whole house. 

vase of roses

In my kitchen… 

I always have a cookbook out for inspirations, my favourite at the moment is Seasons by Donna Hay. It’s a beautiful cookbook of recipes, the best from her magazines…complete with beautiful photographs of the changing seasons…a real “escape” cookbook. I bought this on my last trip home, actually leaving behind clothes to fit this in the suitcase, I’ve yet to try a recipe from it , but when I do I’ll let you know. 

cookbook - Seasons

In my kitchen… 

The coffee is always hot, freshly ground and ready to go. I love the aroma of the lingering early morning espresso…a wake up call on its own…The sad thing about drinking coffee here in Italy is that it’s always a grab and dash affair, grab an espresso ( lukewarm), drink it while you’re standing and dash off out the door…oh how I miss my coffee – cafe breaks with the “girls” and those long chatty afternoons. 

coffee break

In my kitchen… 

I’ve only just discovered this product on the market. It’s coloured flavoured icing sugar…great for a bit of variety in the decorating department. There’s pink coloured strawberry flavour, yellow coloured lemon flavour and green coloured mint flavour. An eye catcher and great flavours for cupcakes, cakes and biscuits. 

coloured flavoured icing sugar

So that’s what’s happening in my kitchen at the moment, thanks to Celia for your inspiration for this blog, and check out Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.


  1. Your kitchen looks wonderful, Yvette! Thanks for sharing! I’m intrigued that coffee drinking in Italy isn’t the romantic experience I always imagined it would be! And your roses are really, truly, beautiful.. 🙂

  2. You are doing such a great job Yvette – and your photos are brilliant. Very professional!!

  3. I’m so happy to see you have Donna Hay’s cookbook there….I love her so!! Your kitchen looks beautiful and bright….just like your personality:) Thanks for sharing x

  4. lifeinarecipe says

    Thanks to an earlier visit to your blog and curiosity, I discovered Celia’s blog (who can resist a title like Fig Jam and Lime Cordial?)…another one added to my list as well as more recipes to try!
    Thank you for sharing and taking us into your kitchen!

  5. I love the coffee box you have in that picture. Its gorgeous!
    The sip, dash and run coffee culture is a bit of a bugger. But I do like the extended sunday lunch, lots of coffees (with lots of sugar) and a little digestivo all afternoon. I would love to replicate that here with my family.

  6. Yes,meal times are a different story, even the sit down lunches…I prepare Silvano a cooked lunch everyday…thanks for visiting x

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