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#2 Yoghurt Cake

#2 Handwritten Recipes 

Last weekend while sharing my zucchini cake with a new group of friends. I met a lovely lady who lives in my area close to home. After trying my zucchini cake she was happy to disclose a few recipes to me…hence #2 of handwritten recipes. I thought she would write for me one of those traditional Italian Torte, or biscuit recipes,  instead she gave me this recipe of a yoghurt cake, light, delicate and soft as fairy floss. 

yoghurt cake


The fun part about this cake is that all the measurements are used with the tub of yoghurt. She was so enthusiastic about telling me about this revolutionary measuring method I wish you could have shared the moment with me. As she lived across the road from where we were, she dashed across the road, grabbed the recipe at hand with note-book and pen and wrote down this recipe for me. A great moment, and one to remember. It’s been difficult “fitting” into the local Italian community of traditional ways and customs, and  believe me it’s hard as a “stranger” not only communicating, but being accepted into the community. It was a touching moment for me to think that this lady opening shared with me one of her beloved recipes. I had touched common ground, the kitchen chit-chat. A bonding of ingredients. A mixture of friendships. 

Recipe: Yoghurt Cake 


Pre – heat oven 180° c. 

125 g tub of  full cream natural yoghurt (can use fruit flavour) 

2 yoghurt tubs flour 

1 yoghurt tub potato starch flour * translation of this is fecola di patate in Italian..I’m not sure what it is in English, I think corn flour would be too heavy..any suggestions? 

2 yoghurt tubs of sugar 

3/4  yoghurt tub of sunflower oil 

2 eggs 

3 teaspoons baking powder 

1 teaspoon vanilla essence 

1 teaspoon lemon essence 


ingredients - yoghurt cake


Place yoghurt in mixing bowl. Sift the two flours adding  to yoghurt, add sugar, sunflower oil, vanilla essence, lemon essence. Divide eggs, add egg yolks to this yoghurt mixture and mix well. Whisk egg whites until forming stiff peaks.Fold through yogurt mixture. 

yoghurt cake


Grease a 20 – 24 cm round cake tin. 

I used my rose cake tin, another one of those favourite things I carried back in a suitcase. Bake in oven for 35 minutes. Serve with a dusting of icing sugar. 

A great surprise, light texture, a touch of lemon fragrance. 

yoghurt cake





  1. I feel your pain about fitting into a new community…It is moments like this we treasure and in a couple of years you’ll look back and remember this:) I am definitely going to try this yogurt cake..looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing oxo

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