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Italian Summer Food Fairs

In our Summer months, there’s always a local sagra –fair to visit. It’s a celebration of food, and family entertainment.If you visit Italy during this time of the year, it’s a great opportunity to support local groups,volunteer “cooks” with a passion for food, eat cheaply, trying traditional dishes and enjoy live entertainment.There’s fairs of food like asparagus, rice, chicken,tripe, and even larger fairs with an event like a music/singing contest,a bicycle race, a water craft boat regatta , country line dance contest and rodeo, to name a few.

We had the opportunity to visit the “Festa dea Sardea” meaning Festival of Sardines in Silea,Treviso,Italy.

silea sagra 003

Sardines at this fair are available grilled,crumbed, and traditional venice style with sweet/sour onions.

Sardines are rich in numerous nutrients that have been found to support cardiovascular health. An excellent source of Vitamin B12 and concentrated in Vitamin D, packed with protein. Sardines are best eaten fresh,and as I don’t prepare them often at home,we decided to venture out to this fair, with a grand surprise of how many people were out eating sardines…. a little bit fiddly to eat ,but if you take your time . . .enjoyable.

Enquiring how many sardines were consumed over the 9 day festival….the answer my friends…3000 kilos.Sardines on the grill…


A local cover band played Thursday night, Toys – Planet Queen. They were great,the main singer even looked like Freddie Mercury. A huge crowd had gathered and being a  busy night, I was told 240 kilos of hot potato chips were consumed.That’s a lot of potatoes.

I took some photo’s before the kitchen was opened …everyone was busy with the all important preparation time, and all were excited to start another nights serving of fresh sardines.

silea sagra 008 silea sagra 009

Considering how many people were out, organization and professionalism was at it’s highest.

We only waited 30 minutes before enjoying a mixed plate of sardines…

Truly a great atmosphere and an enjoyable evening out.Roll on Summer nights and great Summer fun,with lots more fairs to visit.


  1. lifeinarecipe says

    I love sardines, but can only buy them canned here…what a unusual treat to find at a is definitely settled…one day I am going to eat my way around Italy…I’ll just have to make sure it’s during the summer fair time!

  2. I visited Italy in the summer (43 degrees) and could not believe how hot is was!! I love sardines…Cape Town is known for exporting them worldwide…must say I have not had them in a long time. Give me Summer Nights….:) Love and hugs x

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