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Iced Centerpiece

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This centerpiece is just fabulous to jazz up your fresh fruit an ice-cream platter.Made from a silicone cake mould,its very simple to make. There are so many designs nowadays available in silicone, your choice is unlimited.Here’s how to prepare your centerpiece.

misto18 066

I used this one,a flower and bow design,also as wreath design it has a hole in the middle to serve ice-cream,cream or yoghurt.

Fill the mould with water or fruit juice,add fresh small fruits  such as blueberries,strawberries,or pieces of chopped fruit and mint leaves,place on tray and leave overnight in the freezer.

When frozen your iced shape is easily removed from the silicone.

misto18 046

Fill the platter with assorted fresh fruit,place scooped ice-cream in the center and wow! Easy Entertaining, and a fun Summer Dessert.

misto18 052

It’s also a great way to keep your Summer punch iced. Just place the iced mould into you punch bowl and it keeps it cool and iced for the rest of your serving time.

misto18 060

Enjoy my friends, and happy entertaining!


  1. Kathryn says

    Love this idea Yvette – will most certainly be giving it a go this Summer !

    Love Kathryn xx

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