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Food Bliss…

I’m not sure what the best thing about going away is… it the relaxation,48 hours away from the 8.30am-7.30pm workload, the mobile phone on silent call, or away from the kitchen sink…what I do know is that I enjoyed every minute of my stay at the  Hotel Alpenhof.

We get so into our everyday routines, that the simple things and pure comforts of 3 days away from home…having someone else making the bed, serving morning coffee and dishing out fabulous meals for dinner, I was overwhelmed, ecstatic and pleasantly surprised of the home comforts while away.

Hotel Alpenhof is high in it’s fine dining service, a five course meal for dinner, with just the right portions, fabulous local produce and seasonal goods.A great range of wines and clear fresh natural water. Each evening the table settings were different, red roses,white orchards and orange roses…and the meals were…well take a look for yourself…


Sitting down at our table, every night entrees were waiting for us…mosaic02beb30bebd12bc778c9b1c0da245e60b7957273

Beef carpaccio with herbs and champignons,Variation of potatoes from the Valley of Pustertal and speck, Eggplant roll filled with fresh goat cheese and glazed apple slices.

mosaic1bcaca9a32aca17875a925a9dd43f408868e655b Consommè with crepe rolls,Freezed soup of tomatoes and cucumbers with small mozzarella balls,Beef essence with semolina dumpling and julienne vegetables…Coffee served on white linen napkins…


Pappardelle with ragout of deer and mushrooms,Quark ravioli on basil mousse,Ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach on nut butter and grey cheese…


Swordfish steak with wok vegetables and potatoes,Roast of pork with dumplings and salad of cabbage and speck,Veal shoulder in crust of herbs with vegetables and rosemary potatoes…


Millefoglie of chocolate mousse in strudel pastry,Freezed “Kaiserschmarrn” (ice-cream with chocolate and nut caramel) with plums,Strawberry –mint sorbet in sweet crust…

I must admit it there was apprehension getting on the scales Monday morning, but I actually came home lighter, all the morning walks and sauna’s helped, so no guilt feeling about the weekend indulgence at all.


  1. Wow Yvette, I would do anything to do be there…I do food critiquing for a local paper in my spare time and I tell you, it would be such a pleasure to be able to share and experience that. When I came to Australia, I lived in Melbourne for 6 months before coming to the Gold Coast. There is but NO comparison between the 2 and I am very disappointed of the quality and presentation here. Pure Bliss my friend and am so happy for you to have had that…to be honest…it makes me jealous…but in a nice way. Your day starts now…so enjoy every minute my friend. Much love xx

    • Thanks Amanda,It’s funny how the little things make all the difference to an enjoyable stay, away from the comforts of home.xx

  2. lifeinarecipe says

    Wow! It sounds like heaven on earth. Thank you for sharing such an enchanting mini vacation with us!

    • I had a wonderful time away..even if it was short,however back to the grindstone for another couple of weeks before Summer vacation starts here…August is shut down for most of us here in Italy.I look forward to it!Thanks for calling by!x

  3. feastonthecheap says

    LOVE panzanella. Such a staple in my kitchen – toss with a little bread, basil, parmesan and balsamic and you’ve got a meal!

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