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Wednesdays Word #5

What’s better than going to the local baker,smelling the perfume of freshly baked bread, peeking firstly through the window to see all the fabulous different kinds of bread,rolls,foccacia,pizza,sweet breads, a certain indecision on exactly would to buy…misto20 071

…and stopped in your tracks,apart from all the different kinds of bread, what are all those  different names of the breads? It’s fine that when you walk in to the bakers,some write the names of the type of bread and the price by kilo, as that’s how bread is sold here in Italy, by the kilo, and the pointing gesture sometimes work although it’s not my style, so the learning process began of learning all the different names and the varieties of bread. Crusty on the outside,soft centered,hollow centers,which ones last only a day,which ones can be used after 2 days.

This then leads me to today’s word…Tartaruga, meaning tortoise.As you can see,visually these bread rolls look like a tortoiseshell.

misto20 050

They have a crusty outer layer and a soft center, and are easily broken into bite sized pieces, great for making larger croutons, or for dipping into dukkah.

misto20 084

A new Italian word, one to remember when going to the bakers…Tartaruga.


  1. Tartaruga,….I will actually write that down, we have a farmers market with the most wonderful stalls, (Italian too) not far from here with freshly baked breads. You have made me hungry again!!!! Hope you’re good girlfriend. Hugs xx

  2. oneordinaryday says

    Stopping by to thank you for commenting on my blog!
    ~ Michelle

  3. lifeinarecipe says

    Bread sold by the pound…now that’s what I call buying real bread. Thanks for the new Wednesday word!

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