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So what’s Sgroppino? Is it ice-cream or sorbet? Sgroppino is served between courses or at the end, even as dessert. It’s original to the Veneto region of Italy. An alternative to lemon sorbet, and it’s delicious! An Italian milkshake with a little kick! At special occasions, a family dinner or with friends, a glass of Sgroppino is a smooth, creamy drink, icy cold and a sharp lemon taste, that I know will send everyones taste buds tingling. There are a few variations on the flavour, liquorices,coffee but my preference is stick to the original lemon flavour.  Easy to make, try this one at your next gathering of friends.

Wednesdays Word # 6

Baci di Dama Delicious little shortbread biscuits. The translation…Ladies Kisses.The original recipe is from Piemont – northern Italy.Known for it’s hazelnuts. Two round hazelnut – almond shortbread biscuits joining by a kiss of chocolate in the centre. These special biscuits are just divine finishing off the evening with an espresso, or liqueur. Have you tried these? Have you made them? They’re crunchy mouth-watering bite size biscuits…Baci di Dama. Have a great coffee break! Yvette …x

Wednesdays Word #5

What’s better than going to the local baker,smelling the perfume of freshly baked bread, peeking firstly through the window to see all the fabulous different kinds of bread,rolls,foccacia,pizza,sweet breads, a certain indecision on exactly would to buy… …and stopped in your tracks,apart from all the different kinds of bread, what are all those  different names of the breads? It’s fine that when you walk in to the bakers,some write the names of the type of bread and the price by kilo, as that’s how bread is sold here in Italy, by the kilo, and the pointing gesture sometimes work although it’s not my style, so the learning process began of learning all the different names and the varieties of bread. Crusty on the outside,soft centered,hollow centers,which ones last only a day,which ones can be used after 2 days. This then leads me to today’s word…Tartaruga, meaning tortoise.As you can see,visually these bread rolls look like a tortoiseshell. They have a crusty outer layer and a soft center, and are easily broken into bite sized pieces, …

Wednesdays Word #4

Well….Wednesdays Word  for today has become Thursdays Thought!!!!…Just didn’t get around to it yesterday…but here it is… Panzanella Don’t you just love the sound of this word…Pan – za – nella…I’m sure you know what this is…it’s a Summer salad made with stale bread. Traditionally from Tuscany…there are many versions of this recipe around…however I’ve changed it a little, I love the crunch…of croutons more than the soaked bread texture. This works for one day old bread, if it’s any more best go for the original recipe… Recipe: Panzanella Ingredients for 2 servings A bunch of rocket 10 basil leaves 2 garlic cloves 1 purple onion juice of 1/2 lemon salt and freshly grounded pepper 1/2 teaspoon of Dijon mustard 5 tablespoons Olive oil 4 thick slices of bread – (ciabatta) 3 tomatoes Preparation:     This is the type of bread I used, a crusty outing with a well cooked centre…a ciabatta or cob would be great to use also. Firstly, thinly slice the red onion and soak in water and white vinegar for …

Wednesdays Word #3

STUZZICHINI The term stuzzichini is any type of food which can be served in mignon. Hors d’oeuvres consumed in one mouthful, maximum two bite sizes. Served prior to a buffet,party,dinner,or a happy hour after work. “Stuzzicare” refers to a little snack, when we can hold a glass in one hand, and we’re free to pick up an hors d’oeuvre in the other, usually without using a piece of cutlery. When entering a bar,here in Italy, after a certain hour…ordering a drink, stuzzichini are served free of charge. Capturing those taste buds with mouthwatering bites, however you nearly always go back and purchase another plateful. Usually a small plate with a variety of 3 or 4 stuzzichini. It’s all in the preparation,eye-catching,colourful and always tempting.The variety is unlimited and you can have fun creating your own.Stuffed meat rolls,salmon with cream cheese, stuffed capsicum strips,prosciutto stuffed with asparagus cream,zucchini strips with gorgonzola,devils on horseback,angels on horseback,rice balls,puff pastry swirls. The photo below, basil leaves,julienne carrot and fresh mozzarella… …pastry boats filled with tomato and green olives,with fresh …

Wednesdays Word

Tramezzini –plural It’s an Italian sandwich. The difference is in the bread. Pre sliced, no crusts.White and plain.But the fillings are way beyond boring. Tramezzini are packed with flavour. The filling combinations are never-ending with new flavours popping up everywhere on bar chalkboard specials. From chic char grilled vegetables, prosciutto,cheese and fig jam to the classics of mozzarella,roast beef and pesto. The fillings are usually an overload on mayonnaise, however making them at home, mayonnaise can easily be substituted with light cream cheese , ricotta or fresh goats cheese.Tramezzini can be found in bars everywhere available for a mid morning snack or lunchtime break. Two of my favourites are bresaola – (dried,salted beef thinly sliced), rocket and parmesan,or prosciutto,goats cheese and cherry tomatoes with freshly ground black pepper. So my friends,this is Wednesdays word,one to remember when in Italy and ordering your lunch. Tramezzini.

Wednesday’s Word

Introducing Wednesdays Word. I thought it might be interesting to introduce you to some unknown and known words of the Italian language. Words which we may use already without realizing they’re part of the Latin Italian language. In the cooking world of language there are so many universal words coming from different parts, French, German, Italian…and I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many you do know from the Italian language. Today’s Wednesdays Word: Affogato al caffè Why start with this word. Believe me you’ll want to remember it. For all you coffee lovers, this is a caffeine blast. A strong “hot” espresso coffee, with a drowning, floating scoop of vanilla ice-cream. There’s the meaning of the word Affogato – “drowning” You’ll find this coffee based beverage or dessert on every restaurant or bar menu. It’s your choice what you want to put in your espresso. A scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  A white or chocolate “tartufo” which is white or chocolate coated ice-cream. A touch of rum, whiskey or how we like our affocato al caffè with …