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Two lemons, one whole and one sliced in half

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So what’s Sgroppino? Is it ice-cream or sorbet?

Sgroppino is served between courses or at the end, even as dessert. It’s original to the Veneto region of Italy. An alternative to lemon sorbet, and it’s delicious! An Italian milkshake with a little kick!

At special occasions, a family dinner or with friends, a glass of Sgroppino is a smooth, creamy drink, icy cold and a sharp lemon taste, that I know will send everyones taste buds tingling. There are a few variations on the flavour, liquorices,coffee but my preference is stick to the original lemon flavour.  Easy to make, try this one at your next gathering of friends.

sgroppino 034

Recipe: Sgroppino – Lemon

2 cups (16 fluid oz) vanilla ice – cream

1 1/2 cups (12 fluid oz) lemon sorbet

3/4 cup (185 ml )(6.5 fl oz) lemon juice

2/3 cup (165 ml) (5.8 fl oz) vodka

1/2 cup (125 ml) ( 4.3 fl oz) Prosecco or Sparkling white wine

sgroppino 030

Place all ingredients in blender and process until thick and creamy. Place in flute glasses.

Note: Slowly add the Prosecco no kitchen – science projects needed ! While adding the Prosecco the mixture with be lighter and frothy.



    • A refreshing drink thats relatively simple and quick to prepare…pronounced
      grop-PIH-no..hope this helps! It’s one to remember for your travels…

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