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Verona -Italy


Verona is a wonderful easy one day visit, from where I live. A two hour train trip. Verona is a city of love,music,theatre, art and culture.Taking my Aussie friends, for a look at this special place, it was obvious that one of the first stops would have to be Juliet’s house…Just a bit of romance thrown in to start off the day…Read on for our day adventure…

Through the cobbled alleyways streamed with specialized boutiques, (great shopping in Verona) a small arch houses the tunnel of love,coloured scribbles of graffiti – acclaims of love as you enter through a small portico to the entrance of Juliet’s tower and house.


Her house is now a museum full of temporary art…verona 10

I loved this painting, setting the mood as you walk around the winding staircases..taking a glimpse of where Juliet lived, her bedroom, her dresses the artists impressions of how these young legendary lovers were.

Thousands of love letters are written and answered each year and you can join Juliet’s club see details here.

From the top staircase, the hustle of tourists can be heard from the lower courtyard..

verona 2 

With lines of people waiting for that tourist shot – those seeking good luck –  by rubbing the right breast of Juliet’s symbolic bronze statue, 

verona 11

Or that romantic photo of lovers from the balcony…

verona 6


The Arena was our next stop.This First Century structure is one of the largest after the Colosseum. Entering through grand arches passing the lower dungeons with their cold stone walls, you enter into a grand Roman amphitheatre which today  houses grand operas and live concerts throughout the year.The acoustics are unbelievable, as we entered we could hear a choir of voices…three music students were singing Ave Maria…(appropriate Italian song) they certainly had everyone’s attention….arena_verona[1]



Verona is positioned between rolling hills and the banks of the river Adige. Walking along its walls we arrive at another tourist attraction. The Castelvecchio, an impressive 14th century fortress.


The fortress today is the civic museum housing Venetian paintings. The view from the top tower is just magnificent…

verona 15

verona 1

verona 16

Verona one of the most fascinating cities of Italy.


  1. What a beautiful looking place Yvette. I haven’t been to Verona, and at the moment am trying to find a place to base ourselves for a possible trip. Was actually thinking about the Treviso/Verona area… you might have enticed me.

  2. Beautiful! Living in such a young country I am always amazed by these photos of places with so much history!

  3. Wow, that looks amazing. I haven’t ever been to Italy. Definitely will keep Verona in mind if I make it there for a visit! I especially like the last three photos.

    • Thanks for calling by…Verona is a beautiful city to visit and not too out of the way..a visit to Venice followed by Verona is truly a romantic touch to your Italian holiday…Yvette

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