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Harvesting of Grapes

This week on the land is a busy time for us. It’s the start of our grape harvesting.Our vineyard is divided into two types…so not all the grapes are ready at the same time…

grapes 015

Apart from ourselves, a few family friends come to help us out. There’s something about grape harvesting that brings everyone together.The vineyard is a buzz with activity,there’s the continual chatter among the workers, the snipping noise as the clusters of grapes are picked, the hum of bees as they flock to the sweetness of the sugar, the smell of the fermenting grapes and the laughter and smiles of a great harvest, don’t worry about the aching bones…

The first part of the harvest taking about two days, is all picked by hand. The Prosecco grapes will be ready in another couple of weeks.Read on for more…

our vineyard

grape harvest 2010

So the good things about grapes, low in saturated fat, no cholesterol, low in sodium, high in manganese, but my friends high in sugar…

The fermenting sugar content present gives the wine it’s originality. The taste of the wine is reflected off the land and the variety of the grape, therefore for every piece of land there is a different wine.

Our region is known for it’s Chardonnays, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco, to give you a detailed insight into our area check out this link

grapes 001

So after all that heart felt passion for work, changing seasons, continuing changing climates, pests and year long work … the end product – a good wine –enabling you to enjoy it with any plate. A variety of cheeses, salami’s, dried fruit and nuts.

grapes 009

So my friends next time you open that bottle of wine…enjoy it slowly!



  1. It must be a really busy time for you. You know people pay good money to have a holiday and harvest grapes for you 🙂
    Tell me, for the fermenting stage do you do anything to add to the fermentation process or do you keep it naturally occuring? Is there much of a market for organic or biodynamic wines in Italy?

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