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I love my sunburnt country

Today we celebrate Australia Day. A day for all Australians to celebrate our nation and be proud to be Australian. Flying our nations flag and for some the day our newest Australians become citizens, calling Australia home.

It’s a day of family and friends celebrating in the comfort of their homes or at an organized local ceremony, usually an early morning raising of the flag and the singing of the national anthem, followed by an all Australian Aussie breakfast, or the all Australian barbecue.

Today was a scorching 42 degrees here in New South Wales. We would normally do the same by having a bbq but the heat was just too much to handle. So we opted for an inside and air conditioned celebration of Australian seafood.

2011 051

Prawns with prawn cocktail sauce, oysters kilpatrick, squid  served two ways, deep fried squid rings in crunchy breadcrumbs and salt and pepper squid and smoked salmon.

A great starter to a very long and hot day.

Hope every Aussie had a wonderful day. A day to be proud to be Australian.

From the words of Banjo Paterson, the famous verse:

I love a sunburnt country,
  A land of sweeping plains,
  Of ragged mountain ranges,
  Of drought and flooding rains,
  I love her far horizons,
  I love her jewel sea,
  Her beauty and her terror –
  The wide brown land for me.



  1. Enjoy Australia Day, Yvette. The seafood spread looks scrumptious! Yummy! The poem is lovely, and makes me wish I could visit Australia. Blessings to you…

  2. I like the verse you shared. I’m not too up on my Aussie poetry just yet but the concept of a brown, sunburnt land is one that I’m still getting used to. Where I come from in the Northeastern US it’s always so green. It’s wonderful to consider it from the perspective of one who calls it home. I suppose it is for me now too but I’m still getting used to it.

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