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As she sits in front of her lifeline to a magical world of people with talents, inspirations and affirmations. She sits on a shaken limb of doubt and fear. In her mind, there are inner voices , some soft whispers, others roaring screams.

A childhood memory carved deep within, a world of competition,innocence and sadness. A destructive world feeling second best, of non achieving, playing with shadows.The faded memories of laughter and song, of happiness.

Memories that she thought had been pushed behind a high sturdy wall, never to crumble,memories that had been locked away in a box and the key thrown away, never to be opened again.

She knows how hard it’s been to block out those voices and dance in front of those shadows. The sacrifices that she’s made and new promises that she’s kept to herself, to never go back to that world. So why, is life a circle? Why do those whispers become a hum of destruction.

She always thought life was a path, and at crossroads, decisions were made.  Turn left with hope and faith. Turn right with trust and love.

Walk with her head held high and tackle any set  backs. Walk with her head held high and laugh at the negative calls. Walk with the expression of love in her eyes, and over ride the wrinkles and tears, of ageless flaws, of learning wisdom. Growing in strength.

Sharing the love of opened arms and heartfelt caresses. Hiding the shame of closed doors and windows. Feeling the breeze of seasons change, float on a cloud of stormy weather, rest her head in a pillow of dreams.


She holds onto her dreams and fights for her flightful freedom, her passions, to one day spread wings on her creative life’s calling.

To be ALIVE.

She is ALIVE.


  1. lifeinarecipe says

    A powerful and inspirational piece highlighting inner strength. This is a similar tune that many of us dance to.

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