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You know when you’re on the telephone, talking away, and you reach for that pen, and start doodling, over in the top right hand corner of the nearest notebook.

Well, I’ve discovered those doodles within a frame are your Zentangles your creative side…Why not try this method of art. Making patterns, doodling in order to have an end result; a piece of artwork.

It’s relaxing,

It’s enjoyable….

It’s fun…

and it’s very, very easy. . and I know you’ve tried it!

What’s a Zentangle?

Zentangle was originated by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts in Massachusetts, USA in 2005. It is a combination of deliberate pen strokes to create patterns, while exercising and relaxing the brain.

Here’s my first attempt…

zentangles 001

Within a 9cm x 9cm square, draw a ‘string’ which is a freehand continuous line and shape. Within this shape, these area’s are filled in by repetitive shapes called ‘tangles’,  there are many suggested tangles or create your own… you a free to create what ever comes to mind.

Some years back while doing my graphic’s course, I studied many techniques of shading, point work and control. I found this type of art to be creative and rewarding every time you put pen to paper. I just love it! Following are some more examples of my artwork.I apologize for the images, but I think you’ll get the picture…

zentangles 021-1

zentangles 022-1

zentangles 023-1

zentangles 024

zentangles 025

It’s fun, relaxing and there’s no right way or wrong way…

The official website of Maria’s and Rick’s  is There is also a fantastic blog, updated every week day at

Enjoy and have fun.




    • Tandy, it’s a long weekend, so an extra Monday holiday here, so yes, a great day today. It was a pleasant surprise to actually put a ‘name’ to all those pen scribbles, and find a whole new world of artists and creative thinking.Have a great week!

  1. hi, I am a doodler – not much of an artist – but I think I could adapt this idea – by taking my photo test prints – and doodling designs over the images, or around the main subject – i will have to give this a try – great work by the way and thanks for inspiring me to try something new!

  2. Your Zentangles are wonderful…very creative and fun. I began doing that style back in l972 in my college classes (needless to say I didn’t get my degree back then). Then in the late l990’s expanded on the designs. I’ll have to dig them out and post them sometime.

    I love your pictures here and they would make wonderful note cards. Don’t you just love the effect you have on your spider web? It’s such fun eye-play.

    Keep doodling, and have fun,
    Marianne xo

    • Thanks Marianne, would love to see your designs, it’s wonderful hearing that everyone seems to have done this style of ‘ART’, I use it as a way of relaxing the mind and meditation, with playing my favourite music and just playing with pen and paper.Have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Yvette! Your zentangle doodles are fantastic! I will have to give it a try, hopefully sometime soon.

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  5. Zentangle! That’s twisted!! This is an awesome form of art for just about anybody, looks like. I just may have to try my hand at that. I love all forms of art. You can frames these or use them as greeting cards. One of your creations looks like a spider web, another like waves, and another brings a smile to my face. Very beautifully done!! I found your blog through Marianne from Leisure Lane.
    Here’s to your health!

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