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The Year that was, what it was….

Here I am at the end of another year…a year that was, what it was….I’m not sure about how lucky it was, you know all that eleven lucky stuff, but it certainly proved to be an experience of highs and lows. I found pleasure behind the lens of my camera and developing those skills. I continued baking and discovering more and more my passion for the kitchen and food styling, renewed my artistic hand in design again. A talent that truly has been hidden deep within me for so long and only learning again to soar, create and fly on those wings of artistic freedom.

I’ve laughed and cried, lost and gained, fought and struggled, but I’m still standing. I’ve made some really hard choices this year and I’ve counted all my blessings. Found gratitude for the little things and Give Gratitude for your support throughout twentyeleven. I’ve found some wonderfully talented people from all over the world around the blogging world, made new friends and travelled the world to catch up with long lost ones

I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year everyone.

A mosaic look at Twistedvines for the year –

december 2011

november 2011

october 2011

september 2011

august 2011

july 2011

june 2011

may 2011

april 2011

march 2011february 2011

january 2011

All the best,



  1. Wishing you a great new year Princess
    One filled with prosperity , love and happiness
    Here is 46 degrees so into a warm welcome for the new year
    Go into 2012 with a smile on your heart
    Ian aka Emu

  2. What a beautiful kaleidoscope of your year. May 2012 bring more creative juices into the limelight in all their glory and magic.
    Keep blogging, keep battling, keep smiling and most of all, keep the child within creating. Happy New Year.

  3. I like your post, Yvette…and what a grand idea to mosaic each month of the past year…I’d copy the idea, but that would be tacky…COL…

    You are on the path of a wonderful new year full of pleasant surprises. And you are opening yourself so beautifully to receive, that I am excited to see what happens.

    Marianne xox

  4. I decided to use the lemon myrtle to make a panna cotta – it just seemed the right dessert to make – and it was awesome. Thank you again 🙂

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