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The Simplicity eDition

hydrangea 20122

Blue Simplicity

Original photo Twistedvines + kksimplicity texture + light and shadow adjustments (Picasa3)

hydrangea 20123

Blue II

This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is the Simplicity eDition, simple as using one of our original photo’s and tweaking it with Kim’s fabulous texture Simplicity.

Hydrangea’s have always been a favourite of mine, but have never had them in my garden..these were snipped from the neighbours garden. Just Beautiful, they remind me of my grandmother.

Have a wonderful day , friends




  1. Such a nice reminder of Summer. I have them growing in my front garden and look forward to seeing them bloom each year.

  2. nancyjean says

    i love hydrangeas also. they are such an heirloom kind of flower. I can not wait until mine start blooming too! beautiful photo and processing

  3. I absolutely love hydrangeas.. I finally got a big harvest in my front garden after years of patient waiting. I’m glad to see you used Picasa.. I’m off to look. I’ve used Picnik (too lazy for photoshop) but they’re closing soon:(

  4. hydrangeas are one of my alltime favorites! they also remind me of days long ago, but i think their charme is unbroken. wonderful photos!

  5. Your textured photos are really amazing. (I wish I could get photoshop…I wish, I wish, I wish.) Kim is teaching some very beautiful things and I feel left out…. ;( One day, one day…
    Keep up the beautiful work! Your Hydrangea’s look perfect and it’s wonderful that they remind you of your grandmother. Very, very sweet thought.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Very beautiful – my mother has them and I have a wonderful hydrangea which my sister in law gave me as a cutting. They are lovely old fashioned flowers!

  7. The textures and the colors of these photos really give me good ideas for post. I just missed your blog so much Yvette :). Wonderful post

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